An unbelievable appeal

William Barr has complained that MOM’s tweets are making it impossible to do his job.With his appropriation and distortion of the Mueller findings and his seizure of investigative authority from the DOJ as well as overriding DOJ prosecutors recommendations in the Roger Stone trial, he is putting us on as 4 courageous prosecutors resigned.

It is probably true that Trump’s tweets are making it hard for him to become Trump’s Roy Cohn.Tony Soprano would do a better job of running the con.

The next conflict will be with the trial judge,just before the inevitable MOM pardon.So stop the shucking and jiving boys and get to the next debasement of the rule of law.



  1. MO M’s presidency is the result of many factors.Russian interference is only one.The stock market continuing surge is another.We may be saved by POTUS stupidity and arrogance helping the surge collapse.Unfortunately one of the factors is residual bias and divisiveness.Alternative facts are identifiable as damn lies most easily when creature comforts are denied.But the underlying biases remain and credible candidates have to be able to point to the lies with clarity..

  2. No credibility on Barr’s part. None. Zero. Like the biblical myth of Jericho’s walls tumbling down. This “reality” show production is now a boring soap opera serial with no suspense. Stay tuned? For what? All is predictable … including the veto coming after the “bipartisan measure just passed in the Senate curbing President Donald Trump’s military authority against Iran.“. Of course, Barr’s novel position will be that a presidential veto cannot be overridden. Who needs a Constitutional Convention? The contract with the people is being bypassed with the hallelujahs from those adoring the Golden Calf. Enjoy your privileged greed and selfishness. The lawlessness will be a shameful legacy. But, then, they don’t care … that requires a conscience.

    daedal2207: “The next conflict will be with the trial judge, before the inevitable MOM pardon.”

    Yes, sir. We’re all counting on her brilliance. However, to quasi-quote Sammy … “Here come the pardons, here come the pardons!”

    1. SB tells this administration (and those who support it): “Enjoy your privileged greed and selfishness. The lawlessness will be a shameful legacy. But, then, they don’t care … that requires a conscience.”

      Of course, she is assuming that it is her beliefs that are free of selfish motives, it is her political position that is noble and others not. Not visible here is any awareness about the fact that all our efforts are guided by our beliefs. Thus logically, in a fundamental way, all of us are “selfishly” serving that which we believe. Passionate about your beliefs? Those in love with their passions too often ignore the actual consequences of actions motivated by them. The belief that one is an altruistically good person becomes more important than actually doing that which causes good. Yes, this demonstrates an emotional selfishness with ugly consequences for our fellow man.

      The serving of beliefs that incentivize the best among us to actually increase the availability of life-saving resources would be a better way to measure one’s own worthiness to life in this process of life. Interestingly, objective statistics indicate that it is exactly what she hates that is actually doing the most good.

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