The pot is boiling over.

The tripartite structure of our democratic republic is being shredded by an out of control president.MOM who knows more than the Joint Chiefs of Staff,the CIA, the FBI and who has now fired the head of the DNI(Joe McQuire) because of information gathered and shared with Congress that Russia had resumed it’s interference in the election process.
MOM ( aka POTUS) has gone wild with presidential pardons,declared himself the chief law enforcement officer of the nation and indicated an intention to dispute any poll or election result that might not favor him. This man intends to be emperor.Michael Cohen and Bill Maher are right.He will call out his militias in order to remain in office and just before declaring an imperial governance.
The latest penny pinching assault on our military
Is his elimination of the venerable Stars and stripes paper,emotionally as insulting as ending full 30 yr enlistment.


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