An Octogenarian Group of men & women — top-tier government and organizational leaders and educators during the 1960s & 1970s — is looking to forge an uncharted path – a vertical launch – to solutions for today’s problems by challenging today’s Millennial doers & thinkers to a dialogue – a challenge from the Analog Generation to the Digital – to see whether we can do better in the future than we did in the past.

Uncensored Octogenarian support is critical. It is not because we can mentor these young leaders. It is not because we have the answers. It is because we hope that, in the establishment of a dialogue, we might be able to help them solve problems in areas of conflict, which we could not solve, and share with them opinions as to why, in what few successes that we can point to, we think we succeeded and why these successes did not last or are at risk.

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