Tne Bare Bottom Emperor

The near demented narcissist occupying the White House and defying the impeachment process by claiming Presidential power( Executive privilege etc.) is extending his inroads into the military by forcing the resignation of the Secretary of the Navy through demanding the reversal of the Navy’s judicial process. A MOM hero who committed a crime by definitions adopted by the armed forces since Vietnam was declared a hero by POTUS , his court martial ordered reversed and his reinstatement with the coveted TRIDENT of the Seals.”Eddy”, MOM’s affectionate hero, fortunately just wishes to resign with his pension and his book deal. The last time POTUS interfered with the military, he jeopardized the strike on the Leader of Isis and authorized the slaughter of the Kurds and the entry of Russia and Iran directly into southeastern Syria.His orders to his staff to disobey congressional subpoenas have been struck down by a federal judge.The GOP seems to be holding fast behind him. We may have to depend on Giuliani’s “insurance” and Bolton’s bribe to break up the republican decency log jam.

For more about consequences of MOM ‘s Ecological illogic see



  1. We do love our self-enhancing sentiments! Now, what if we loved more the development of appropriate, life-saving sentiments?

    We ask our soldiers to enter into mortal combat, but we demand that they fight to the death burdened by what our away-from-the-front, stay-at-home moralists deem to be a “civilized” fashion. For these righteous people it doesn’t matter that those killing our men in uniform care nothing about “civilized warfare”, and thereby have become more effective killers of Americans.

    The more appropriate life-saving sentiment would applaud those in our military who are proud of killing the enemy, sufficiently gratified to be photographed with an enemy that is dead, an enemy that is no longer a threat. It appears that Trump understands this pragmatic factor, important in war in order to win and stay alive. Perhaps he understands the life-saving value of this statement by General George S. Patton, “May God have mercy for my enemies because I won’t.”

    1. Patton also slapped a soldier suffering from PTSD and sent orders to shoot surrendered German soldiers.( I spoke to an individual who was the recipient of that order,referred to in an early post to this blog) and finally had to be ordered to stand down to stop his mad unsupported dash to Berlin. I prefer the concept of Gideon’s army to the concept of the hordes of Gengis Khan or the SS of Hitler . .War fighters can lack internal moral compasses and consciences but skilled defenders of the USA cannot. I guess DS is comfortable with a pending war of robots inasmuch as it would not be so bloody as a war of mad dogs.

      1. War is “hell”. Ending it more quickly than slowly gets us sooner out of hell. Had Patton been allowed his “unsupported dash to Berlin” we may have avoided the worst of the cold war.
        If having little compassion for those who prove themselves incapable of an intense fight makes it more likely we will favor those who are – and thus end the war sooner, we are talking about policies that save lives, even the lives of those who should not be soldiers. That is a real compassion.
        I prefer doing that which works best, over preconceived moralities that enable such believers to feel good while ignoring the unnecessary pain and destruction that their beliefs, when acted upon, cause.

        1. War solves nothing.Its most promising outcome is occupation and repression.Its only justification is to ward off occupation and repression.Diplomacy and compromise do work.Only in the world of childhood heroics is war glorious.To embrace DS’ philosophy is to regress to a time of child fantasy with lack of significant consequence except of course for developmental delay.

    1. I said nothing about war being glorious. To look at history and believe that sometimes war is never necessary is to take a huge leap from reality. Perhaps a psychiatrist can answer the following question: What psychological need is served by ignoring the fact that sometimes others choose to make war on us?
      And then, what psychological need is served by handicapping our side with rules not agreed upon by the enemy, and thereby jeopardizing our ability to win, and our not ending that war as quickly as possible?

        1. On Dec 7, Daedal2207 commented that I had not addressed the points that he had presented on Dec 1. So, the following is specific to those comments:

          “War solves nothing. Its most promising outcome is occupation and repression.”
          History tells us that war can not only solve the problems of having to put up with nagging irritations, but often it prevents others from killing you and destroying all that you have worked for.
          More broadly and philosophically: When the better-for-humanity side wins, humanity has progressed.

          “Its only justification is to ward off occupation and repression.”
          Only???? Daedal2207 forgot to mention his possible death and the deaths of those he loves. He forgot to mention the possibility that the causes one is fighting to develop and/or to preserve may indeed be life-saving, as well as life-enhancing for untold numbers of future human beings. Examples: The North’s cause in the American Civil War. The American’s cause in stopping the aggressions of Nazi Germany.

          “Its most promising outcome is occupation and repression.”
          If this statement were true, we would have to conclude that our winning the war against Japan caused for them and for us nothing better than “occupation and repression”? Two seconds of thought and Daedal2207, and any reader can understand how far that opinion is from the truth.

          “To embrace DS’ philosophy is to regress to a time of child fantasy with lack of significant consequence except of course for developmental delay.”
          To ignore the most obvious of empirical facts and deny the most straightforward of their logical implications indicates an advanced level of fantasy. It is more like a cultivated faith. This type of directed distortion is likely beyond the capabilities of most children. It is also likely to be more dangerous than the fantasies of children because adults can vote.

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