Gun Madness Rolls on

Duncan Oklahoma and Fresno California are the sites of the last long weekend gun slaughter.An automatic pistol, probably a 9 mm was used to kill 2 adult women,a mother and daughter,by an angry rejected male . There is evidence here of a possible good guy with a gun.A gun toting citizen ordered the perpetrator to stop.The perpetrator turned and shot himself fatally in the head.There are all sorts of what ifs.What if the perpetrator shot at the good guy? Did the good guy have a license to kill ? What if he did kill, could family or friends sue him? What if police came on the scene.How could they discern who to shoot? Training to use deadly force is difficult and flawed where authorized law enforcement is involved.

The Fresno CA shooting resulted in 4 dead and 4 to 6 wounded.It involved automatic rifles, pistols and family feud psychology.Whether gang territory was involved is not presently known as no one is yet caught.Bad as all this is,it doesn’t take impeachment hearings off top attention slot.


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