At what point does the unobeyable order get issued?

The grandiose,soon to be impeached POTUS will not be convicted by the Republican senate led by Moscow Mitch O’Connell.A not too bright acolyte of Putin who already had an order to have American troops conduct a joint training exercise with Russian troops rescinded by the Pentagon,MOM will undoubtedly do something worse because his arrogance is only exceeded by his stupidity.

What will happen at this point? If the order is something like turning the codes to the football over to Russia we may have a revolution on our hands Something short of that may produce civil unrest to the degree where the militias may emerge to challenge police and the legitimate military.The expectation that MOM will leave office quietly if voted out in ,2020 is probably too optimistic.



  1. When an agenda cannot be advanced with reason and empirical evidence, some will resort to insults. When the fundamental agenda is that of establishing the most probable truth of any issue, this method is a significant handicap. If the agenda is that of manipulating others to “step into my line”, sadly, it often works to influence those with little capacity or time to think for themselves.

    Only a crescendo of insults, lies, and innuendo can overwhelm the otherwise obvious empirical forms of evidence that show President Trump is conducting policies that are resisting far more than his predecessor the expansion efforts of Russia, and other countries as well. At the moment, Trump is doing a great deal having to do with influencing for the better the decisions being made by despot leaders. Flattery aimed at leaders is a time-tested method that may – or may not work. We should not ignore this effort to avoid having to use other, much more devastating options. But those other options, including military and economic, are being dramatically strengthened, and in a fashion that those few who control entire Countries must take notice. Those who deny that these actions are valid life-saving strategies are motivated by something other than a desire to know the truth of things.

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