GUNS in America

When is the Senate going to have the strength and courage to limit and restrict gun use, by law, in this country?

When are they going to stop blaming everyone else?

Instead of a beacon in the darkness, this country is becoming a rogue state and the Senate is contributing to this state of affairs by doing nothing.

The U.S. should INCREASE the REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS for owning and possessing a gun, and for carrying a concealed gun or weapon.

Prior to awarding a license to an applicant, each state in the U.S. should require a comprehensive background check of each and every applicant. There should be no grandfather clause excusing any current gun owner from a background check. Any history of civil or domestic violence – of any type – should preclude the ability to obtain a lawful gun license, permanently.

Prior to being awarded a gun license, all applicants should be compelled to undergo professional assessments of theirĀ intelligence, cognitive ability, and emotional triggers, all of which contribute to whether a gun has a higher probability of being used threateningly, endangering-ly, lethally, or appropriately, oversight of which would reduce the number of gun violence incidents in the United States.

A focus on emotional and anger triggers is particularly imperative to reducing or eliminating gun violence.

After assessments in these three areas and prior to awarding a license to use and carry a gun, CLASSROOM & FIELD TRAINING BY CERTIFIED LAW ENFORCEMENT PROFESSIONALS, IN SAFE GUN USE, SHOULD BE REQUIRED BY LAW.


Further, TRAINING RE-CERTIFICATION should be required no less than ONCE EVERY THREE YEARS and provided by educationally- and state-certified gun-training instructors and certified programs, such as those suggested and recommended by CCW Safe (I am not affiliated with CCW Safe).


  1. I am sad to hear your opinion of our country. Apart from psychological assessments, other countries have instituted comprehensive background checks, required classroom and field training in the safe use of arms, and required registration of all guns with the State, along with marksmanship scores. Gun violence has decreased significantly or close to zero in those countries.

    I guess, in the U.S., gun laws are not a remedy for sociological alienation and anomie.

  2. Aye there’s the rub,at the state level there will be the kind of divergence that exists now.At the federal level such legislation is unpassable.If it did pass, enforcement would be a nightmare .Our choices would be Putin or Potemkin.California has the toughest gun laws in the nation but is experiencing mayhem anyway.Your ideas are sound but before they could be seriously considered at the needed levels we’d need an undeniable explosion of catastrophic events

    1. It is very sad to hear your opinion about our country. Other countries have implemented all but the psychological assessments mentioned on this list. All have experienced reduced-to-almost-zero gun violence since implementing background checks, requiring training, and requiring registration along with marksmanship scores. Several have instituted extensive waiting periods between dates of license application and the issuance of licenses.

      The law cannot govern that which is rooted in the sociological and alienation.

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