Santa Clarita shooting.

28.6 miles north west of Los Angeles is the town of Santa Clarita.Saugus High in Santa Clarita is the scene of the latest active shooter action. The perpetrator is a 16 year old Asian male student who used an automatic pistol to kill one female student and to wound at least four other students. The cost in suffering and fear is immeasurable.The cost in time and money is measurable and huge.. Impeachment of Potus and subversion by foreign enemies will quickly replace this in our attention but these events are defining our future as a nation as well.



  1. When will those who see only misuse begin to see proper use? A school shooting is an outrage. But it is likely that on that same day many others used their guns to deter or thwart a bad person’s attempt to kill. One is “seen” all over the front pages of “news” reports. The other most often is not even reported. It can be “seen” only by a keen mind aware of statistical facts. But each is critically important if the main morality being pursued is that of diminished suffering and saving lives.

    1. Do you pack a gun, DS? Your neighbors must feel very safe knowing they have their very own vigilante in their midsts … akin to Chuck Connors’ “The a rifleman.”

      1. In early military training, I was very proficient in the use of several types of guns. I was best in “train fire” and won a three day pass while other recruits did KP. If allowed to carry, I would add to the safety of my environment. But I live in LA County. Those who could issue needed permits will not give such a dignity of responsibility even to those who are proficient . Thus we rely on the police who might show up on time. The criminal element has good reason to worry little that their victims will effectively fight back, thus more choose to take that quick and easy road rather than learn the disciplines of working and actually being productive.
        It isn’t that a citizen with a legal gun expects to be involved in a gunfight. It is about the fact that the more good citizens with guns,, the less likely criminals will find that occupation worth the risk. Pragmatically, this liberty saves lots of lives. Those who oppose that liberty cause lots of suffering and a greater loss of life.

        1. DS, thank you for your service. I assume it was during the Vietnam era … conscription and all.

    1. A 14 year old boy is also dead.Apparently this was the birthday of the shooter who shot himself in the head.Shooter’s father died two years ago of obesity and heart disease.ORIGIN OF THE HANDGUN IS AS YET UNDETERMINED.

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