When My Country Tis of Thee equals To Be or not to Be.

The dynamics of MOM’s(POTUS) takeover of the Republican party are now clear .It was a promise of control of the courts right up to and including the Supreme Court..Control of the Judicial  part of the executive branch of government and through these control of immigration. On the way to this end increasing authoritarianism ,increasing suppression of minority and women’s rights, destruction of the environment ,increasing gun violence, a raging opioid epidemic and global destabilization in favor of increasing ‘me first sentiment, weakening of world action and planning, seem to be acceptable prices to pay.to keep America “White and Wealthy”The impeachment inquiry thus becomes an inquiry into whether or not the promise of America can ever be fulfilled. As the lantern holder for democratic practice across the world there is question as to who or what can pick up a discarded torch.

As media try to peer into the future they are coming up with leadership models who defy the prevailing stereotypes.We are getting LBGT protagonists.Women who match fisticuffs and macho derring do with men,heroes and heoines of color and trisomal 21 and Asperger afflicted characters who are quite instrumentsl snd effective.We are also seeing more mixed race individuals and mixed religion pairings.They all seem to rely on the cooperation of some of the old standard purveyors of power and influence since no one wants to embrace reviolt and mayhem.


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