Liars Wild!

Mom aka POTUS threatens California with loss of Federal emergency aid because of alleged inefficient use of resources and planning.Despite the fact that 70 percent of the land affected by the fires are in federally owned and managed areas.MOM has his myrmidons working on wresting emission control standard’s away from California which has been influencing automakers countrywide.Rrductipn of coal burn pollution standards is also high on the Trump agenda. Weakening protection of Delta smelt is also on the agenda.. Going after sanctuary City status is another objective. The big lie apparently doesn’t do well in California maybe because LaLa land has anticipated in portrayal at least,s lot of doomsday scenarios.

Those individuals in MOM’s administration who cling to the rule of law seem to be of recent enough foreign extraction to know the signiicance of the American experiment,recapitulating the circumstances of the Declaration and the Continental Congress.



  1. California with its extreme environmental laws has prevented the kind of brush and dead tree clearing on Federal lands that prevent fires from burning with great intensity. As a result, fire costs are beyond what they should be. Trump is wisely trying to get our State Leadership to be more responsible. His understandings about known unknowns allows him to avoid the fanaticisms infecting California’s environmentalists. Thus, he can with good reason favor economic strength over the unjustified fears of exaggerated crises. Sanctuary City status is understood to be a magnet attracting more illegals, thereby bringing to our Country clashing values, as well as an extensive smuggling of drugs and other illegal contraband. As a consequence, the great wealth flowing to criminal cartels in Mexico and other Central American countries is undermining their governments and causing increased death rates among those competing for U.S.A. inspired dollars as well as suffering and death for the dwindling number who bravely try to resist Leftist-inspired forms of corruption.

    The American experiment has nothing to do with a “From each according to ability, to each according to need” socialism and totalitarianism. Just the opposite, it has to do with the resource-producing pragmatism of maximizing for its citizens individual liberties and individual responsibilities.

    There is no honest reason for pride among the selfish Leftists who for the sake of their fantasy beliefs insist on ignoring the tragedies that their actions impose on others.

  2. “Sanctuary” City/State=granting sanctuary to law breakers!!
    Anwar Ghali, MD, MPA

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