The President has been perfectly clear…

…that he functions like a mafia boss,that he understands nothing of loyalty,fidelity and the rule of law.While the republican party scrambles to find those who can be thrown under the bus.(Guliani and co,Pence and everyone else) and MOM’s (POTUS’) attorney general travels the earth trying to discredit the Mueller report,the Trumpeter is brazenly asking China ,Australia ,Great Britain etc. to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden.Of course you need an earthquake equivalent to successfully move the goal posts.

The democrats are helping by grandstanding ,engaging in parody and engaging in Utopian speculation.MOM is pretending to be a defender of Medicare while inserting provisions that push its costs beyond the reach of the elderly.Anyone who understands healthcare understands that you cannot repeal Obamacare and substitute Medicare for All with an initial cost of 33 trillion dollars.The Affordable Care Act like social security needs to be secured and modified by bipartisan crafting over time. We have or should have learned that dramatic hegemonic moves like the Community Mental Health Centers Act are inevitably rescinded by political action.



  1. Sometimes I wonder at the power of projection.

    Daedal2207 tells us that it is Trump and not the Democrats who “understand nothing about the rule of law”. Given the Democrat’s corrupt methods sprung on us during the Kavanaugh hearings; and now with the current experience of Nancy Pelosi conducting an “impeachment inquiry” that conveniently avoids a House vote and denies a right for the accused to subpoena and cross examine witnesses, we possess tons of recently experienced empirical evidence that clearly shows to every objective mind that it is the Democrats who are at ease repeatedly casting ugly innuendos, stonewalling, and evading the “rule of law”.
    Why would Republicans want “to discredit the Mueller Report” when it reveals that with two years and unlimited funds, a completely negative-against-Trump group of lawyers could not find sufficient objective evidence to “convict” Trump of a crime. Now, after the fact, an objective thinker can understand that with the use of only innuendo and subjective interpretations of prosecutor Mueller’s Report, it is possible to push any false scenario that non thinking minds wish to believe. This reveals a political party’s willingness to libel and slander. This is not surprising, given the Left’s embrace of Saul Alinsky’s, Rules for Radicals. Machiavellian methods are anathema to most Republicans. Thus, conservatism is at a disadvantage. But the Democrats are doing it so obviously that many of those unfamiliar with these teachings can see the treachery.
    I would hope that our leadership, be it Republican or Democrat, will “push” other countries to search out and diminish both international and national corruptions. Had Hillary, with her Russian based research been able to find provable evidence that Trump had committed crimes, it would have been a good thing for all to know. The apparent fact that she would pay for and advance a false story about Trump in order to win office helped tell the American people that she is a person of dangerous character. Knowing this was and is a good thing.

    I am glad that Daedal2207 “understands that you cannot repeal Obamacare and substitute Medicare for All with an initial cost of 33 trillion dollars”. I am also glad to say that this is not a plan advanced by Trump. I hope that Trump will present a plan that does not obligate us all to vote for one party just to get access to the resources needed to stay alive. This is not a power that we should give to any government agency. For everyone’s best chance for a healthy and long life, keep healthcare in the private sector.


    While I would accept a single payer system, I would much prefer a single payer/single provider system. This is what I had for 4 years of my life while I was in military service to my country. In addition to regular checkups, dental care, prescriptions etc, I had one major surgery plus recovery stateside and a major illness that required me to be med-evacuated from Vietnam to the states and hospitalized under doctor’s care for more than two months. There were no bills for any of this and I continued to be paid the entire time. While in the service I was single, but those that were married had the peace of mind knowing that all the above care would also be given to their families as needed. Isn’t this the type of system that we should also be considering for our entire society?

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