Angels with Dirty Faces…So Let em Burn

Having withdrawn American forces from northern Syria bragging about bringing them home (while doubling the number sent to Saudi Arabia)Mom aka POTUS declares that the Kurds are no angels and blames them for non participation in our  other wars.While some of the burning that we see is from a Vietnam era training mission film, the murder and pillage by extremist Muslim mercenaries,the destruction of villages by Turkish jets,,the evidence of the use of banned cluster bombs and napalm are real Russian tanks ,half tracks and helicopters now have the separation of forces role to ensure that the Turkish takeover occurs seamlessly.The Turkiksh President is well on his way toward replacing the occupants of  the Kurdish homeland with transported Arabs.a la the middle ages.This is an acknowledged part of genocide but the U.S President calls him a hell of a leader and a real tough guy. The beaten and shot through the head Kurdish assemblywoman would not agree.
Meanwhile domestically the Ukraine scandal involving the withholding of appropriated funds for political support is exploding with Guiiani and friends either under arrest, indicted or refusing to comply with subpoenas.Those who cannot see that Trumpism is a threat to our Democracy and the world are truly blind.


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