Facts are available outside of the lies and obfuscation of the Trump regime

Government sources are still involved in data gathering.See the latest FindaTopdoc post for gun violence and suicide governmental sources.Lying about hurricane impact is the latest insult to the American people by MOM and cohorts.

Go to https://www.findatopdoc.com/Expert/8138694-Claudewell-S-Thomas for all FindaTopDoc posts.



  1. I find it fascinating the fact that our world contains so many otherwise well-performing minds exercising an almost infinite capacity to ignore the most obvious forms of empirical and logical evidence. Most often this takes the form of protecting excessive certitudes. It is a self-imposed blinder system functioning to support and grow cherished beliefs – that is, beliefs that would be threatened by any objective test. (This is a characteristic of all faiths). But Daedal2207 has not “unfriended” me even though I submit his faith to constant challenge. This at its core demonstrates that he values at least this part of the scientific process.

    About the gun issue: Any honest, objective mind that prioritizes the most complete saving of life would realize that the number of people saved because guns have a deterrent value must be balanced against the obvious front-page nature of misused guns. Because gathering such evidence is difficult does not to any degree diminish its importance. (That is, if the ACTUAL saving of lives is the priority.)

    Anyone who was paying attention to the early possible projections of Hurricane Dorian would have seen that an over-Florida trajectory was reasonably considered. To see only a devious intent on the part of President Trump reveals nothing negative about Trump, it displays an unreasonable analysis (bias) on the part of his critics.

    An objective thinker will have to use this fact in his effort to make his best guess as to the truth. A pattern of bias is established. What does this tell us about the power of cherished beliefs (faith) to obscure other reasonable possibilities? Does this faith hinder or help an honest mind’s attempt to navigate his life’s course with an accurate-to-reality chart? Which of the two dominant political parties derives its core meaning more from a faith that it possesses moral superiority than from pragmatic, best-tested empirical and logical argument?

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