Good Guy with a Gun?

A traffic stop confrontation with police,Miles of traverse across north Texas,5 killed 23 wounded.The offender a middle aged white male traveling in a truck loaded with ammunition,at least one automatic rifle and at least one rapid fire handgun.Is it possible that this was simply a frustrated good guy with a gun who was so frustrated by his inability to find a place to intervene that he created his own incident? Not bloody likely.More likely he is a right wing supporter mimicking the rage and bias of our dear leader,the erstwhile chosen one,king of the Jews etc..I wonder when MOM will get to see the statue of himself erected in his wife’s(Queen Melania) home land of Slovenia?

Moscow Mitch ,back at the ranch, is busy working on revitalizing the filibuster in anticipation of possible loss pf the Senate.There is the danger that some knuckle dragger of the left will mimic the knuckle draggers of the right and go gun crazy..The helter skelter scenario may be the option chosen by MOM rather than nuclear war .Apparently he has been persuaded that you can’t throw H bombs at hurricanes.



  1. We are “the land of liberty”.

    How does a society protect individual liberty for 340 million citizens without some misusing it? How do we legally allow millions of citizens to drive at 75 miles per hour without some killing themselves as well as others? How does our criminal system, after sentence served, set prisoners free without some of them again committing crimes and sometimes killing innocents? How do we respect the second amendment, valuing it for its life-saving deterrents, without some nuts going out and misusing it?

    “Imperfectly” is the only honest answer. The disparities that cause misuse are so vast that no law or combination of laws can harness all of them. The very best play of life will never be without some tragedy. Any demand for perfection, or any argument claiming its possibility is just pie in the sky, wishfully dumb. Or, it could be a power-smart ruse, another attempt by some to manipulate us to vote away our Constitutional liberties, thereby supporting forms of tyranny that the deceivers will control.

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    Inviting Putin back to the G7 has even invited Russian contempt. The invitation to have the next G7 meeting at MarALogo with money going to the Trump family is contemptuous of emolument clause restrictio.n.

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