Invoking Foreign Interference:The evidence grows of moral and possible mental instability at the top.

If you subscribe to fake news you are quite secure in the belief that all is well with our nation.Contrasting Fox news,the NY.Post and the National Enquirer with CNN,MSNBC,ABC,CBS,KTTV ,The New York Times,The Washington,Post gives an opportunity to evaluate the role of Russian money in American public affairs.The early former publications do not acknowledge the possibility of a connection or pooh pooh it.The latter indicate that a divided country with weak or corrupt executive function at the top allows the use of Russian oligarchical financial subversion in our country at state and local levels in identical fashion as has been practiced by Putin and co. .in Europe with destabilization of governments and overthrow of regimes that stood opposed to Russian brand communism.Now a weakened and rife ridden USA is being successfully attacked..21 billion dollars of Russian money seems to have bought burying of sanctions against a big Russian company and the building of a plant in Kentucky ; earning support for the name Moscow Mitch for the Senate majority leader.A rambling and forgetful President” (little room to maneuver except into psychosis”).is now telling the world and a troubled America that he alone can stem recession.Perhaps he sees no connection between his “easy”trade wars his ,tariffs that we don’t pay for and the sharp declines in the markets.



  1. Yes, that is a central question: How do we know which information sources are intentionally reshaping the news and why? On CNN, Spike Lee was recently interviewed by Anderson Cooper. Lee stated that Trump spoke well of Nazis when he said, “there were good people on both sides”. Those who listened closely, or better, have read the transcript of that Charlottesville press interchange, know that Trump was referring to people who were marching for and against civil war statues. It is highly probable that Anderson Cooper knows this, yet instead of correction he commented only that the Republicans are now trying to debunk the Democrat’s point of view. Biden opened his run for President with this same slander and the major news media chose not to correct the lie. Of course, any thinking mind who knows that Trump has a daughter, son-in-law, and grandchild who embrace the Jewish faith, would consider it highly unlikely that he would admire anyone following an ideology devoted to their extermination. Also, anyone who thinks rationally would understand that admiring “both sides” means that Trump believes there are good people among Antifa. How likely is that?

    For even greater absurdities it is hard to beat the major press’s massive lie that Trump colluded with Russia. For two years this fiction was built upon layer after layer of additional lies. All are now shown to be “fake news”. Yet the effort to destroy Trump continues. As Daedal2207 has projected, there is “little room to maneuver except into psychosis”. And there is where these Democrats churn, demonstrating their inability to adapt to the real world.

    For those who understand human nature and its relation to the objective world there is no reason to lie about the virtues of our original-intent Constitution. Only those with voracious appetites to inflate self-meaning need to mount utopian dreams. “To make an omelet you have to break eggs.” say the Marxists. This gives those so addicted (i.e. CNN, MSNBC, New York Times,) not just a permission, but an obligation, to lie, deceive, and destroy.

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