Six Police Officers shot in Philadelphi,Dow Falls 800 points:Mom complains that Presidency has cost him 2 billion dollars.

The resident genius in the White House is successfully collapsing the pillars of American democracy..Moscow Mtch has deep sixed Russian tariffs and election safeguards that would make Russian intervention more difficult.(Mysteriously receiving Russian money support for a Kentucky plant) .Supporters of this presidency are unperturbed while coddling their false facts, ignoring the stupid cruelty at our borders,and failing to note the new nuclear threat with nuclear missles aboard supersonic Russian jets just across the way from Alaska(not visible from Sarah Palin’s porch)



  1. We see in the writing of Daedal2207 that the sky is falling and it’s all Trump’s fault! Those associated with Trump are bad people who hate all humanity, and their children too, and they are encouraging the sky to fall. It is well known among all good sources of truth, such as CNN and MSNBC, that any contact, real or imagined, with any Russian will help wrench the sky from the heavens. But do not fear, the Leftists, if you support them, will bring order again to the heavens because – because – because the Leftists say it is so.

    But it appears that Hillary’s political organization paid big bucks to foreign operators, including Russians, for fake info which has been used to slander Trump as well as to enable spying on his campaign – and later, to cripple his Presidency. A true “collusion” with Russians was achieved through hiring a British agent named Christopher Steele (No friend of John Steed or Emma Peel). Hollywood fantasy? Apparently not,.This unfolding of life is not a dress rehearsal. The fantasies concocted by the Left are dangerous distractions. The sky remains above. The actual play of life entertains us with many fascinating twists.

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