The Wallendas Are an Honest Act; They Acknowledge Their Harnesses and Fears.MOM’s(AKA POTUS’)3 Ring Circus Puts Us All In Peril!

We are being treated to a now you see it now you don’t foreign policy (or lack thereof).A “let’s make Iran Great again yet I’ll turn them into dust if they harm us again with a background of She”s not my type,,,believe me…But of course I didn’t do it” …(rape),’Obama built the cages. I hste it…No tariffs…yes tariffs…” Flashing in and out of focus may be a way of keeping his base entranced and taking attention away from the Democrats and may be his way of pulling national and world attention to himself, but also may be a sign of loosened internal controls.Remember ” little room to manuever except into psychosis”? E.J.Carroll may not be interested in pressing charges but she did write a book and  still has the garment.(typical post rape retention; a little less frequent than burning or destroying an involved garment.) There is yet another “Snakes on a Plane ” story being emphatically refuted by MOM after a’ believe I could do better’ statement.

The Democrats open their debates tonight,eerily recapitulating the mass entry of Republican candidates in 2015 which MOM’s clown act took great advantage of.



  1. By President Trump we are being “treated” to large doses of reality. Given that it is always true that “believers” will try to physically shape the world to conform to their beliefs, the different shaping advocated by conflicting beliefs will generate physical conflict. A thinking mind quickly realizes that the central issue is not the fact of conflict, it is belief. Which belief, for the sake of the “best” future, should prevail. And then that mind would ask; what methods will shape the world to that belief with least “cost”? I put quotation marks around “best” and “cost” because diverse beliefs define them differently. To the degree that Iranian leaders believe that infidels must be destroyed and if successful with that endeavor they will personally be rewarded handsomely by God, other beliefs understand that Iran’s acquiring an ability to make that effort with atomic weaponry must be prevented. A belief that advocates for a world shaped to protect each individual’s right to pursue diverse beliefs is facing a form of conundrum. It must deny power to those beliefs that would destroy others’ rights to believe differently. For many, this logic is apparently confusing. Trump is not confused. He is engaged in trying various methods of deterrence, testing the tenacity of conflicting beliefs. Ultimately, it will be the degree of fanaticism or not of threatening beliefs that will determine if for the protection of liberty there will be no option other than outright war. If because others are tenaciously bent on destroying us, we had better be ready with a strong military along with the resolve to use it.

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