Revisiting A Man for All Seasons

Yesterday morning,. early I watched on tv, an old man defend against the onjlaught of age,praise and insult as best he could.I saw him try to identify totally with a written document and fail.I saw that same indivfidual rally and even contradict prior demurrals when his passion, defense of  national integrity, was invoked.Robert Mueller is not the Archbishop of Canterbury and the defects of age are upon him but he is a heroic,flawed figure standing firm against an identified enemy of the United States i.e. subversion for purposes of greed ,stupidity,national advantage or else.



  1. Daedal2207 is correct. We need to stand firm against an identified enemy of the United States. But that enemy is not necessarily the one he selects. “Greed”, when defined as excessive self-interest, is an extreme that we should all avoid. “Stupidity” has been and will be with us forever. But “National advantage”? Only if our nation is harmful, instead of beneficial to humanity’s future, could it be described as an “enemy”. So, what is Daedal2207 saying?
    We need more clarity from him!

    But, from past writings we can conjecture:

    Daedal2207 believes that Trump represents everything evil. Thus, if Trump remains our President, only evil to the world will prevail. But what if the opposite were true? Trump is returning “America” to conform with the original idea that spurred our creation. That is, the idea that our government exists to maximize the liberties of each and every citizen to seek his own path to happiness. This level of liberty taps the high-octane incentives that inspire us to be most productive of resources, the very resources needed to expand the capacity of humans to survive and even thrive.

    In this case, the “identified” enemy is anything that would try to transform this idea into something else, such as the creation of a powerful central AUTHORITY – redistributing our resources to suit its leaders’ moralistic ideas about “fairness” and “equity” of distributions. Given that this centralized authority kills the incentives that drive the most able producers, the future of humanity would be starved of resources otherwise possible, resources that would be saving lives. In this case, the enemy of our best future is the current Democrat Party.

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