“Jadoube”…Trump’s Faux Pas

Excuse my French it is non existent and thus beyond bad,,but the expression comes from the game of chess originating in tournament chess and suspending the punishment for touching a chess piece and not moving it. It is an expression of civility that does not apply to Joe Biden’s embrace of segregationists Eastland and Thurmond..
I do not believe that Trump rescinded the air strike order on Iran out of compassion;.We have evidence that he lacks that capacity.We also should not believe that collateral damage estimates were omitted by his intelligence officers until he asked for them..I believe that Vladimir Putin was in touch with Trump requesting if not ordering) that the strike  be called off.It may be that this spared entry into another interminable war or the use of nuclear weapons(the only means of obtaining a shorter war)..When MOM isn’t busy undoing the work of the Obama and prior administrations,his initiatives are exemplars of stupidity,cupidity and obsequiousness cloaked in arrogance.



  1. “Damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.”

    Judgments in this way provide an easy ride for a mind so inclined. That is, until reality imposes itself with other possibilities. But until then, for the faithful and/or comfort’s sake, let’s believe with certainty that which logically should not be so certain.

    But I like reality, including – perhaps because of – all its far-ranging possibilities. So, the equation may be a bit more complex than which some need for ego-satisfying comfort. What Daedal2207 tells us may be true. But maybe Trump’s hiatus-in-retaliation is planned to provoke some soul-searching on the part of Iranian leaders. A chance exists that they may yet be brought to the bargaining table, and indeed may rethink their intent to develop their atomic warfare capabilities. Should Iran decide in the next few days to restart their program to develop such weaponry we will then get new evidence that clarifies the motive behind current decisions.

  2. daedal2207 … non-members of zombie cult agree totally on all points. The one to watch also keep an eye on is Bibi, another master of the con with diversionary tactics.

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