Escalator Descent Redux : Mom Pushes Level Hell Button !

Our con man Joker of a President went to his strong suit last week and produced with the help of ABC and George Stephanopoulos an Apprentice supplement of ‘Follow Me Around for 30 hours.’Only the devil and Paul Muni who played a Hellbound mobster with a temporary redemption in the late 30s or early 40s might know what he intended.What resulted was a lying jerk who talked like a mobster and who admitted a willingness to use tarnishing information obtained from a foreign country for political purposes,and who denied that this was a crime and that the FBI had to be informed immediately of the effort without any use of the information.Walked back the next day,only to the satisfaction of Fox News,the straight from the heart talk will live in infamy.
The nonsense with Iran,China,Russia and the world is accelerating.North Korea is threatening rebuilding of missile sites,openly testing medium range missiles and threatening resumption of nuclear testing if sanctions aren’t removed while Great Leader executes poor negotiators while insisting on head to head meetings with his BroLove MOM.In the Gulf of Oman, the Taliban claims responsibility for tanker damage, (plausibly) while Trump and co. threaten war against Iran on behalf of the U.S. and other nations many of whom don’t hold Iran responsible.
Hold on ,the racist Trump Tower escalator descendant has promised the faithful the deportation of 15 million illegal immigrants next week by ICE ! Paul Muni, have we reached level Hell yet !?



  1. Such vitriol!

    By Donald Trump, we are given 30 hours of well-reasoned TV transparency and Daedal2207 perceives only a monstrous mass of negativity.

    Being that truth is fundamental to all healthy navigation; and being that a truth remains a truth no matter its messenger; I reacted with a resounding “yes” when Trump stated that he would be open to hearing what evidence another country may provide about an opponent. A truly scientific mind, a mind desirous of growing its knowledge, does not turn away from any source of information. Those who would burn books, those who hide from evidence (or would hide evidence from us) are the ones to fear. One benefit – those upset when confronted by a reasonable process are revealed in this way to be unreasonable. A truly scientific mind knows how to evaluate the many possible explanations that motivate a sharing and understands how to evaluate its credibility – independent of those motivations. Also – demonstrating an interest to share can itself be important information.

    With his first response to Stephanopoulos, Trump reasonably explained that the information received may be of such a nature that our FBI should be notified. Why does Daedal2207 ignore this fact? Also – an added complexity – Evidence is growing that in 2015-2016 some FBI officials (and others?) at the highest levels of power would have tried to bury, or use, any such information in order to harm Trump’s election effort and if necessary, his presidency. (Perhaps the effort continues with this very absurd demeaning of a reasonable process.)

    Daedal2207 feels at ease calling Trump a “racist”. Could he please provide solid evidence in support of what otherwise is a falsehood, a nasty, hating libel? My read of Trump is that his hiring records demonstrate that he cares not a whit about race, but he does care deeply about merit no matter its package. Isn’t it interesting (and worthy of support) that his efforts in promoting new opportunities for economic merit should measurably play out to be of such extraordinary help to individuals of all races!

    Part of promoting the benefits of economic growth is raising the wages for the poorest of our citizens. The Democrats are welcoming millions of uneducated illegals who compete for and dilute the pressures that otherwise increase wages. Trump is trying to discourage illegal immigration and actually doing his Constitutional Duty by enforcing existing laws and sending illegals out of the country. Should the suffering legal citizens understand the harm to them being done by deceptive Democrat policies the leftist effort will have lost a mass of support – So expect manipulating lies and deceptions to continue.

    We have evidence when something is not an intentional lie when empirically based, logical reasoning is used in support of the opinions presented – AND when honest criticisms and adjustments are welcomed.

  2. People who broke our laws & came illegally to our country, should be returned back to their countries & given the opportunity to LEGALLY apply for immigration to the USA.
    Anwar Ghali, MD, MPA

    1. How privileged! Go after the employers who encourage the cheap labor for desperate people. It appears that you can never understand that, sir. Only desperation pushes someone to leave their roots. Is that so difficult to understand in your field (medicine)? You’re so afraid that these desperate people will take your job? Heart and empathy go a lot further than a medical degree.

    2. The inability to go beyond the proffered obvious makes it impossible to see the manipulative objective of the action pursued.There are many factors responsible for inmigration that are totally out of the control of any one country.The pursuit of LEGALITY by those who ignore subpoenas,court orders,present alternative facts, openly lie and distort reality including Mueller investigative findings,is a sick joke and might lead the thoughtful to wonder when and where their legal status will be revoked. CST

      1. Dr. Thomas: “The inability to go beyond the proffered obvious makes it impossible to see the manipulative objective of the action pursued.”

        Thank you, Dr. Thomas, for furthering understanding. Also appreciated is your illustrating in a concise manner the hypocrisy of those who call for LEGAL behavior while accepting, in classic cult-behavior, the sheer disregard/disrespect for the rule of law by the current administration. Talk about the vermin that invaded the swamp. The promised clean-up became filth: a corrupt and compromised revolving door for incompetence by people who should have stayed home.

    3. Dr. Ghali, you’re concerned about LEGALITY … by inference, the rule of law. Do you consider the below a blatant violation of the constitutional emoluments clause? In actuality, an illegal act?

      When Trump visits his clubs, government agencies and Republicans pay to be where he is

      “Trump has bigger designs for the Doral club: He has suggested holding next year’s Group of Seven meeting — a gathering of world leaders — at Doral or another of his luxury resorts, current and former White House staffers said.”

      “Since taking office, Trump has faced pushback about his official visits to his properties from some of his aides, including inside the White House Counsel’s Office. They worried about the appearance that he was using the power of the presidency to direct taxpayer money into his own pockets, according to current and former White House officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss private conversations. … It has also reshaped the spending habits of the federal government, turning the president into a vendor.”

      The president of the United States funneling taxpayer money to his properties/name brand/Trump Organization? How opportunistically crass. Double dipping? Or just financially benefitting from his office? Is that LEGAL? Oh, and BTW, maintained by an undocumented workforce?

      The hypocrisy of the Trump followers is only surpassed by the amorality that condones and accepts transparent disregard for the law. They make a mockery with their self-righteousness. With low unemployment figures, the work force the immigrants provide is needed. Fix the law! which right now leads to exploitation of the desperate. At one time or another, we’re all the “other.”

      1. I understand that Trump and Co. are going after elimination of soap ,toothpaste, disposable toothbrushes and washcloths for the kids in detention.They appear to be missing some of the lessons of Auschwitz where hair clippings were used to stuff pillowcases.I guess the kids won’t have pillows.How many will die? Does anyone care? Law is not Morality but in a true Democracy, morality may well be an asymptote.I would expect a psychiatrist to comprehend…

      2. When linked to one’s political position are all economic gains to be considered a breaking of the law? So, Bill and Hillary’s huge payments for speeches while either was in office were reasons for impeachment or to lock them up? Does this mean that no President can ever legally come from a commercial or business background if name recognition stimulates for those activities an economic boost?

        Common sense needs to play a part in how we interpret the meaning of law. Lucky for us that past judgments regarding the Emoluments clause did not go to ridiculous extremes. But for those who are extreme in their hatred for Donald Trump such an effort is to be expected.

  3. daedal2207: “Paul Muni, have we reached level Hell yet !?”

    Nope. Still searching for our moral compass. Could it be in Hell?

    P. S. Paul Muni … class act.

    1. I guess not.MOM will have foreign war,domestic riot and martial law option plays to hold on to power..He must become Dictator to avoid the long reach of the law.If the Republicans lose the Senate in 2020,.McConnell can’t save him. CST

      1. daedal2207: “McConnell can’t save him.”

        The Senate turning is most important. Then it will be “Forward America.” A lot of repairing … structurally, psychologically, and morally … to do. A uniting, hopeful vision rather than a divisive and destructive one.

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