The Malice from the Piper is being heard.

I sat down to watch Laura Ingraham interview MOM aka POTUS in front of a D Day memorial in Normandy.I listened in amazement at the vituperation spat out by the PRESIDENT GENIUS attacking Mueller and Pelosi and dismissing the Vietnam war as not important and justifying his draft dodging,,claiming to have made up for it by getting some 17billion dollars additionally from the U.S.. budget for the military.An alert from a local channel interrupted my observation of MOM and the fawning Ingraham with a shots fired emergency broadcast from San Gabriel some 35.9 miles away and reasonably familiar.This suspect apparently set 3 homes afire carried a long gun and a hand gun and was shot to death by a confronting deputy after SWAT responded’.Be of good cheer gun lovers,a knife wielding suspect was shot to death in Atwater village today a mere 26.6 miles away.some time later.Could Weber have been right about the style setting influence of leaders?

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