The Pied Piper Leads On.

The Trump message of ‘Look What they’ve got because they took it from you” identity politics notwithstanding,is being heard across the country by injustice collectors irrespective of race,gender,or ethnicity..A forgettable black man,a former national guardsman killed 12 people in Virginia Beach last week using 2 Colt 45s with extended magazines and a silencer.He might have been “the good guy with a gun” in fairy book circumstances, but in this instance was the monster.A few days ago in peaceful Rancho Palos Verdes there was a shooting in Del Amo Mall about eight miles away from me.The shooter is still at large.There were no deaths but police activity on land and in the air is pronounced.

The number and variety of guns in the U.S.A is huge Alexa.tells me 360,000,000 hand guns alone.Carry permits are extremely difficult to obtain in California making the “good guy with a gun” scenario difficult thank all the gods that be.But, the paranoid,the definitely criminal,the frightened etc. are not deterred;and ; then there are the rifles,shotguns,AR15s,AK47s,etc.It is not encouraging to find local Law Enforcement agencies nationwide endorsing hatespeak in several of their jurisdictions using Facebook more or less legitimately.

In the meantime MOM aka POTUS has left England after parading himself and his family,at taxpayer expense at Queen Elizabeth’s D Day and Coronation ceremonies,He’s off to one of his Irish golf courses after undermining the very principles that came from the sacrifices of the “greatest generation”.The unity principles that ignorance of, resulted in two world wars. The tariff wars that he is engaging in indicate his ignorance of both economics and game theory.His wars with Mexico,China,Japan,Canada,Iran ,Venezuela,Cuba etc are producing major monetary problems in the U.S.A.It may well be that economic disaster may have to occur before the slavish Republican party will have enough courage to rebel.In the meantime Putin is chortling as MOM deestablishes NATO and worldwide alliances that Russia fears.



  1. To know what he is referring to, can Daedal2207 provide examples of what he calls local Law Enforcement agencies endorsing hatespeak?

    It would be a good thing if we could all agree on “unity principles”. But then, survival depends on reality. Beliefs that magnify our perceptions of meaning tend to grow imaginatively. They are often wishfully subjective, independent from the objective realities. Around objective truths we can unify. Around myriad imaginings – hardly a chance.

    Trade is important, fair trade, that is. When not, the tariff structure needs to be corrected. Are we to understand that Daedal2207 will resist an effort to bring fairness to the issue? Only if Trump might get credit for making the correction? Also, trade is valued by all sides. If Democrats choose not to act, and no other leverage works to inspire the help needed to control Central American based illegal immigration, a threat to employ this legal means of pressure makes great sense. As of this moment, it appears to have worked, finally getting Mexico to enforce its own immigration laws and at the same time helping us deal with this crisis. No thanks at all to the Democrats who appear more than willing to hurt the U.S. if by doing so it can hurt the President. In spite of this resistance the economy and opportunity grow. We remain the premier place in the world where increasingly others want to live.

    1. It is quite remarkable that EverTrumpers can’t understand that a series of one on one deals constructed serially can not equal partners negotiating together against an outlier.Taking away english classes and soccer from interned children is another indication of the greatness of MOM.Unquestionably a Merchant of Malice .who is poisoning t he well of U.S. strength and uniquity. Undermining the press,controlling a false press and confusing the public as to what is truth is the hallmark of autocracy.
      Heil MOM . ‘we who are about to die…Fight Back!!!

      1. It is suggested that I am an “always Trumper” – yet all my efforts are designed only to test the truth of every idea. Expecting less from a novice politician I am surprised at the degree to which Trump policies meet the human-benefit test of correlating positively with the actual play of cause and effect. I am also surprised that so many, including Daedal2207, continue to engage in misreading Trump policies, assuming only negativity.

        For instance, Trump is accused of “undermining the press”. Daedal2207 provides no specific examples. We may assume that he is referring to the fact that Trump has often accused most (but not all) of today’s press of presenting “fake news”. For those paying attention this is understood as a true statement, not an undermining. How many times has Trump been accused by many in “the press” of colluding with Russia? Yet Mueller, with unlimited access to evidence, could with two years effort find no such collusion. How many times have we heard Trump accused of saying “There are good people on both sides” in reference to Nazi and Antifa marchers? Yet a simple read of the transcript clearly depicts the statement was in reference to those for and those against the removal of statues. If anything, Trump criticisms should motivate “the press” to become a better press. In the same sense, criticisms of NATO are by “Never Trumpers” considered an undermining of that organization. In the real world however, NATO is now closer to having all its members paying what they had promised. This fact says that Trump has strengthened NATO – just the opposite claimed by minds apparently incapable of adjusting to even the most obvious evidence – evidence that runs counter to the cherished view.

        Trump is associated with Hitler with the “Heil” statement. Yet Hitler was a socialist proselytizing a powerful central government. Rationally this is much more in line with Today’s Democrats who want a strong government to “take care of us”. Trump has for two years reduced regulations thereby diminishing the power of our central government to redistribute wealth and forcefully control the thoughts of its citizens. With individual liberties being returned to our citizens the economy has blossomed such that all citizens are benefitting – access to needed resources are thus obviously improving the greater number of lives.

        Yet for those Charles Krauthammer understood to be inflicted with “Trump Derangement Syndrome” none of these facts (are allowed to) exist.

        Daedal2207 wants us to fight. I too want us to fight, but not against that which is measurably benefitting the human future. I want us to fight for rational judgments based with a presentation of empirical and logical evidence.

      2. Obvious that reason/rationality is impossible for those addicted to KoolAid. Truly a waste of time … providing reams and reams of self-adoring platitudes.

        daedal2207, I truly admire your patience.

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