Moral vs Political Imperative.

MOM aka Potus has reported an income of some 3 million dollars last year.In the light of which Trump Tower in N.Y.C and Mara Lago in Florida become clear objectives for individuals both foreign and domestic to curry favor and exert undue influence on national affairs through passing money and favor to the chief executive..
MOM continues to order non compliance to congressional subpoenas and requests for information which is the due of a co- equal branch of government.He is clearly depending on the dilatoriness of the courts,the unwavering support of most of the republican senators and ultimately the Supreme court to uphold his imperial perogative.In the meantime Pelosi and some senior democrats are hesitating to embrace impeachment,thinking that this is an issue around which Trump supporters can rally for the 2020 ellection..If the issue is not clearly put before America, we have no right to assume a moral superiority over the Germans of the t930s.
Hamiltonian democracy was bested by Madisonian democracy because there was a fear of Federalism.Madisonian democracy depends on the division of governmental powers(even though sullied by an electoral college system erected to preserve states rights with particular reference to slavery).We are already withdrawn from world moral leadership and teetering on the brink of economic disaster because of the inciting of a tariff war with China and many of our historical allies..
WE are now being assaulted with a renaissance of the war on women with Taliban like laws being passed re abortion in Georgia,Missojuri, S.Dakota,Alabama etc..99 year prison terms for doctors performing abortion? Pro life? These people never heard of the sin of Onan.Surely life spilled upon the ground deserves equal punishment for the perpetrator!
MOM is reaching for Pell grant money and reimbursement to disaster area money to build his wall and to send immigrants to  cities around the U.S. We are being distracted by war talk from a draft dodging President and his subordinate who got us into the endless Iraq quagmire.They want to scuttle the health care certainty of Obamacare and Medicare to grab bucks and pass the uncertainty and lack of coverage onto John and Jane Q PUblic..

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  1. Perhaps some see rewards in life that are more important than money. Why does Daedal2207 allow himself to claim with such certitude that only greed for additional personal wealth motivates our President?

    The courts will clarify what Daedal2207 claims is “the due” of each branch of government. It appears that the Democrats are using their House majority to resist goals, harass and handicap the Presidential branch. At what point does their excess become a tyranny of power? (Like Germany of the 1930s?)

    Daedal2207 has a strange concept of “morality” if indeed he would deny the now measurable (and moral) benefits brought to US and the world by this President’s actions. Does he want China’s theft of technology and imbalanced advantage of trade to continue unchallenged? And where did he get the idea that electoral college reasons for preserving States rights had a “particular reference to slavery”? Agreed that this was important to the early South, it more broadly acknowledges the fact that each state has its own (valuable to all of us) unique environment of geological and economic interests.

    How strange it is that so many Dems cannot comprehend even the possibility that a fetus in the womb, by given the dignity of being a human worthy of protection, enhances the dignity of being an adult!

    The “endless Iraq quagmire” is complex and has nothing to do with any President’s military courage or lack of it. Strong arguments can show that ousting Saddam was likely a “best” decision among other options that would have played out to be even more difficult. Perhaps it was Obama’s quick retreat from our hard-earned “beachhead” in what we should recognize as enemy territory that exacerbated the dangers we face while interacting with beliefs dangerously incompatible-to-western-values.

    Obamacare should be scuttled because it would be deeply destructive of the incentives needed in order to be most humanely efficient, inventive and productive.

    1. Humane? efficient? It is impossible to impose logic onto wishful fantasy.First let me recommend the Smithsonian series “Secrets of American History” as well as “Bill of Rights in Action” a product of the Constitutional Rights Foundation.For those who are sincerely interested in the evolution of American Democracy and are willing to go beyond Fox News and CNN for information,these two sources identify the struggle between moral and monetary issues with humanity most often the loser when man as a commodity versus man a sharer of human rights is the concern.From the manipulations by the commonwealth of Virginia to neutralize the possible impact of a third commonwealth Philadelphia and environs in support of the commonwealth of Massachusetts on the validity of slavery.(Going back to the Declaration of Independence)to the struggle between Hamiltonian Federalists and Democratic Republicans(aka Republicans)which emerged when Washington refused to be “king”and warned against Political Parties” where a war was declared by one party against France( supported by England) while the other party supported the French who demanded recompense for slaves freed by England during the revolutionary war.The Federalists undeclared the war and capitulated (monetary) but shots were fired at sea in 1786 We have the chief justice of the Supreme court protesting the validity of the Dred Scott decision some 35 years after it was decided,not on moral grounds but on economic grounds that removed Scott from being fully chattel or commodity.It is not my function to teach history. I am far from qualified but I would remind the purveyors of simplistic platitudes that there is a stern and unforgiving history that can inform discourse if one is willing to give up Fox News certainties and do some work.It is lack of information that makes the Ever Trumper his easy victim.

      1. ACCURATE understandings of history are important. History reveals patterns in human behavior that shed light on what motivates well and what motivates less well. When history is portrayed as if one’s personal concept of “moral” is eternally the only valid understanding it becomes easy to cast not only dispersions on what others did throughout the centuries, but easy to demean those today who are felt to be ignorant about what is fantasized as being the one and only profound vision.

        Once this shackle is cast aside, one can see another way to define the concept called “moral”. “Moral” is that which in our cause-and-effect world ACTUALLY plays out to favor the human future. A mind set free from the easy addictions of a crude, religious-like moral righteousness can then possibly understand that the incentives of personal profit inspire the best, as well as the least among us to search hard for the means by which they can best serve the needs of others. Writ large, this high-octane activity (called capitalism) increases the resources required for expanded survivability as well as prosperity. Efficient and inventive health care is no exception.

  2. Abortion is murder of a baby.
    It is an act of kindness to put the ILLEGAL immigrants in different States, rather than deporting them to their countries, so that they may LEGALLY apply for immigration.
    Most of my patients who got Obama Care are not pleased with it.
    Anwar Ghali, MD, MPA

    1. An act of kindness indeed!You would think that it bespeaks a Lady or the Tiger scenario.Legal is in the end a Judicial decision and defined by prior decision until successfully challenged and revised.I do not wish to impugn the judgment of psychiatric patients but I do wonder if in the process of exchange of trust where the therapist encourages trust and introduces gradually the parameters of reality,your patients may have picked up your dislike of ACA? Anyway it is not acceptable to use “patients” as a reference cohort when nothing is known nor can be knowable about them.

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