Astute observation.

From Pitcher in the wry.Questionable Motives?
Senate Democrats who are excited at the possibility that their Republican colleagues who are supboenaing Donald Trump Jr to appear before the Intelligence Committee are growing a backbone may be,in the end rudely disappointed.This may turn out to be an opportunity for Donald Jr to,by recanting,to the committee his previous testimony relative to the the Trump Tower Moscow project save himself from perjury charges.should the Republicans lose control of the Senate in the,2020 election..




  1. Republicans will probably gain more senate seats in the next election. The president’s ratings in the polls are rising.
    Anwar Ghali, MD, MPA

    1. The strategy to save Don jr,is apparently overruled by dad MOM in favor of the blatant defiance of Madisonian consiituionality.Cry Havoc ! Guliani is off to the Ukraine to seek pro Trump evidence against Democratic interfernce with the imperial Presidency.

    2. Loyalty to MOM in the face of lies,constitutional obstruction,,and treason is amazing.unless he is removed from office you may have to pit loyalty in the face of being lied to against loyalty in the face of being lied about!( unless you can establish ancestry from Mayflower occupants)

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