“Putin told me”; (russian interference started out as a mountain and ended up a mouse)…((telephone call from trump to putin))

The above, another alarming statement from MOM aka POTUS .He also adds that Putin was smiling.Through the telephone??? It’s getting worse largorithmically .Communications theory says that even in war participants(combatants) will resemble each other.So the vector implied by the theory is for the U.S. to become an authoritarian drug addled monstrosity fighting with another authoritarian drug addled monstrosity. Our drug being the opioids, their drug being alcohol.How did we get into this mess. It seems that the path to all this was through the failure to acknowledge the fundamental role of government as taking care of its citizens through democratic processes.This to be accomplished constitutionally.The problem appears to be that there is a time limit to this dialogue and the constitutional guidelines were not constructed to resist a tyrant in office.The time limit is set by world as well as national and local factors.

Blowing in the wind is the resignation of Mary Ann Trump Brady,Trump’s sister and a former Federal District judge.It seems that failure to file taxes and disclose transactions related to the Trump family enterprise would have resulted in indictment ,dismissal and censure within the Judicial system and for the public record.Apparently resignation allowed the bullet to be dodged.Hos many cases did she preside over where the family interests had a bearing that should have disqualified her ? The Trump family dynamics are of interest (he has 4 siblings one brother Fred ,alcoholic and deceased) It may well be that many of his core supporters share in that dynamic.

For those disappointed by the continuing difficulty with the medallion,try https://www.Findatopdoc.com/Expert/8138694-Claudewell-S-Thomas



  1. The latest UN report on humans causing the extinction of species refers to 500,000 to 1,000,000 within decades. What report has Daedal2207 read that speeds this process to one year?

    The UN report “digs into the causes of Earth’s ecological collapse and lays much of the blame on the conversion of wild forests and wetlands into farmland needed to feed a rapidly urbanising, concrete-dependent global society. … We are … creating unequal, economically unsustainable societies where far too many people are struggling to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads. We cannot continue to treat the planet this way, and that’s an opportunity because in making the changes we need environmentally, we can also build far healthier, happier, more stable societies than we have today, Womack told Al Jazeera.”

    A “relentless” pursuit of growth is responsible say the authors of this report.

    The authors also make many assumptions – not only about the accuracy of their data, but about their ability IF GIVEN CONTROL to RESTRUCTURE society so that “we can build far healthier, happier, more stable societies than we have today.”

    It makes sense that as the human population grows, to some degree other species would be displaced. For those who believe that species diversity is the ultimate good (God ordained?) it makes sense that they would do what they can to restrict human expansion. Those who value most our human future should be concerned that we might dumbly cause the eradication of species important to our future. For those who need to think of themselves as superior and/or masters of others it makes sense that they would invent or exaggerate crises that might motivate others to give them power. For those who want the best-in-every-way for our human family it makes sense to question how various motives might bias the data provided.

    Because this group of authors are so quick to denounce capitalist incentives instead of harnessing them to drive efforts toward an appropriate preservation of species, I am inclined to question their motives and recommend that we dismiss their pleas for a major transformation of our economic system.

  2. Note that the issue has to do with best. For society’s future, perfect solutions do not exist. Note that “bigger citizen” refers to where the focus is best placed if we want to produce the quantity and quality of resources that make it possible to save the planet – save it in a manner that allows humanity to know that life is worth living.

    What’s missing in Daedal2207’s bleak vision is the recognition that the capitalist HAS to serve the needs of others in order to satisfy what Daedal2207 tends to call “greed”. Self-interest-in-profit drives all levels of knowledge and talent to create, and efficiently deliver, what others need – and to the degree it is needed. This includes big-ticket items such as health care and housing.

    Yes, America is in trouble, but not for the reasons Daedal2207 describes. We are in trouble because too many are demonizing the very dynamics that would save us. Trump in just two years is measurably revitalizing what actually works. Against this, those who proselytize the Marx-like “government-should-take-care-of-us” moralities are going to great extremes apparently including an abusive use of the IRS, FBI, and CIA.

  3. Daedal2207 works hard to connect Trump to every dysfunction. Yet Trump policies, by many critical life-enhancing measures, continue to be positive – even dramatically positive! Why does Daedal2207 hate, and wants us to hate, a leader who is doing so much that is good?

    Perhaps it is because Trump has a contrary vision regarding the purpose of our government. Daedal2207 tells us that “the fundamental role of government (is) taking care of its citizens through democratic processes.” I think that Trump, and the conservatives, would tell us that the fundamental role of government is to referee the constitutional process by which the citizens have both the honor and the freedom to best take care of themselves.

    Daedal2207 prioritizes government with the responsibility for determining “proper” goals and seeing to their equality of distribution. Conservatives want their government to protect and referee the rules by which each citizen is afforded the gift of maximum liberty and the dignifying honor of a responsibility to navigate toward his own, not the government’s, concept of happiness.

    Interestingly, it is the conservative idea of bigger citizen and smaller government that stimulates the greatest productivity of overall resources – thereby most completely serving the needs of all the people.

    1. “Bigger citizen and smaller government ” is out of running room as the blue planet is pushed beyond its limits.1 million species going out of existence within a year….even the high and mighty seeking unfair and illegal advantages because that entity called access is increasingly restricted,Madisonian governmental structure arrogantly challenged by a would be Nero…On and on we go toward destruction of our future. Is your bigger citizen Gulliver or Paul Bunyan? Johnny Appleseed has little arable land,Babe the bluje Ox has no grass to feed on due to erosion and John Henry the coal driving man has seen the coal mines close as his heart cracks. Clutch your medicare DS before your hero snatches it away.Give you an example of where and when he has lied? Give me an example of when the flim flam man has told the truth .Trunp University,Trumpbergers,Air Trump,,Cheated vendors,bankrupted co investors….Check your pension plan it’s going down as MOM pushes toward Trade war.The basic motivation of MOM is personal greed.He is still making money from personal business while President, an obvious emolument violation. Oh yes the war option is still playable,Iran,Venezuela,Cuba not N.Korea not Saudi Arabia.And there is the helter skelter gambit,call out the militias and haters and count on the haters and loosely hinged from the other side.America has never been in bigger trouble.

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