Katie bar the door! (15th century england) Sarah”barr” the door (21ST CENTURY u.s.a)

Sarah Douglas was a lady in waiting in the court of Queen Anne in the mid fourteen hundreds and apocryphally is credited with sacrificing her right arm blocking hostile access to James the First of Scotland.Thus saving his life.Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the press secretary for MOM also known as POTUS.and this Barr is the attorney general of he U.S.The disgraceful press conference today, of this lackey was followed by the release of the redacted Mueller report which was thoroughly condemnatory of the Trump administration.A quote from Mueller of the response of our President “this is the end of my Presidency…I’m F…..D” says it all. The man who loved Wickey Leaks in 2016 only to be totally unaware of it now is telling the naive that he has a wonderful health care plan for America but it wont be available until after the 2020 election.Liar, Liar pants on fire! Sarah can’t help you nor could the ghost of Sarah Douglas if it were so inclined!

For those who would like to review aspects of the health care issue,you can click on the medallion and review my recent posts on FindaTopDoc.



  1. We see again exactly how Daedal2207 “feels” about significant political events and the people who advance or resist them. I wish that he would provide some empirically-supported evidence. Apparently, he “feels” that all “correct-thinking” minds, regardless the evidence, or lack of it, would agree with him. But I know many highly competent minds who would not recite “amen” to his negative judgments about Trump and our Attorney General. In fact, we are in constant wonder as to why any truth-seeking mind would ignore so much empirical evidence – evidence supporting conclusions that conflict with Daedal2207’s opinion. Logically, if many things could be true and yet only one of the options is claimed to be the truth, the person making such a claim must be motivated by something other than a desire to be MOST truthful.

    Daedal2207 writes: “the redacted Mueller report … was thoroughly condemnatory of the Trump administration”. We see that Daedal2207 has totally ignored the Mueller team’s complete exoneration of the Trump Organization as regards the central charge that they had “colluded” with Russian efforts to shape our election. As regards an obstruction of justice, we see that Trump apparently had some thoughts about resisting what he saw was an effort to frame him (possibly a coup?) – thoughts which included firing Mueller (and his team of mostly diehard Democrats). But it is reported that the aid told to fire Mueller refused to carry through with that order. But a thinking mind would ask – why wouldn’t Trump fire Mueller directly if indeed that was his actual intent? A thinking mind would also wonder if on a diet, a thought about ordering a slice of cheesecake is of the same import as actually eating it.

    As for healthcare plans? Daedal2207 is stating with certitude that Trump has no such plan. But I think that we can all agree, those of us who want to be MOST truthful, that we do not know if he does or does not have a plan. My guess is that a number of “plans” exist, but their complexities are daunting and require more refinement. Hopefully when presented to U.S. the “plan” will have an easy to understand clarity.

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