Sleight of hand & muddled thinking&the constitutional crisis.

There are those who are still waiting for MOM(aka POTUS) to deliver on promises made.They will be waiting a long time.North Korea has become more threatening and has increased its emphasis on mid range missles .Kim Jong Un is now refusing to deal with the U.S. secretary pf state while affirming his love of Trump.Russia is now in the coveted position that Trump and Pompeo sought in the far east muddle.

MOM in the meantime is refusing to cooperate with the House of Representatives and is ordering his subordinates to defy house summonses,requests,subpoenas etc We are thus in a constitutional crisis deliberately brought on by MOM,who is clearly buying time until the 2020 election and counting on his appointees to the Supreme court to cover him.If the appointees have any concern for their place in history, he may be barking up the wrong tree.

MOM is continuing the use of his Justice dept. and the courts to try to finally kill Obamacare. Continue to check the medallion for health care information.



  1. Past administrations have failed and thus allowed enemies such as North Korea to become truly dangerous. War became more probable than not. Now without room to maneuver Trump is trying what others failed to use – it is called clarity – nuclear disarm or war. We should all hope that his policy works.

    The Mueller team, with unlimited resources and after two years of voluminous search, found no collusion and did not have sufficient evidence of true obstruction to levy such a charge. Trump justifiably understands that the judge has ruled and that continued “stalking” by the Democrats should be ended. This being true, it is this harassment by the political Left that is subjecting the country to a “constitutional crisis”.

    As for health care:

    Because it will be a major part of our next Presidential election it is helpful to note some simple truths that no party can honestly deny – and any “health plan” must consider. It is an unpleasant fact that every person will eventually die. Many, if not most, will die slowly because of progressively diminishing functions. The battle to reduce the rate of loss will involve medical procedures. The certitude of eventual death logically clarifies that no matter cost, the necessary supply of medical procedures will eventually be insufficient.

    Fundamentally, “economics” has to do with the allocation of scarce resources that have alternative uses. “Scarce” means that there is not enough of something to meet all the demand (in this case medical procedures), thus there is no option other than allocating these resources with the use of some form of triage. We can assign this duty either to government (likely involving “panels” to dictate who receives and who does not receive life-expanding resources) – or the duty can be assigned to a market system (personal involvement with competitive bidding for resources).

    Thus, we arrive at the most important question:

    For the sake of the broadest and greatest possible extension of life qualities, while acknowledging the certitude of eventual death – which of the two options will be most efficient in both maximizing the supply of medical resources and in providing their rapid distribution to where they are most needed?
    Capitalism with its free markets has a proven record for incentivizing creative productivity and efficiency of delivery. Centralized control systems have an overall record of doing less and wasting more.

    The probability that you and your loved ones will experience added and better years of life is increased with one more than the other. It is that important.

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