Art of the Deal: The tale of the Eights

800,000 out of work,eight hundred dollars a mile ? Eight cents per centimeter ? It really doesn’t matter.The wall is a symbol of  resistance to the browning of America,embracing of America First and immunity to the recognition of the need for global planning and analysis of problems ranging from human trafficking ,global opoid addiction,threat of pan epidemics  etc.Suddenly the threat of invasion by rapists,murderers and flesh eating pickaninnies has become a crisis of conscience worthy of a deal.A three year suspension of deportation for DACA young people in exchange for 234 miles of largely useless MOM’s plan.

The ugly nonsense goes on with increasing risk to the U.S. population through TSA sickouts,loss of food inspection etc.The film VICE reminds us of the danger of misused power and abandonment of moral principle but apparently there is a thin margin of safety when there are still adults somewhere on the horizon of ruthless power.The retreat of such persons from the Trump Greatest Show on Earth means that the Trumpian dance, while Putin plays the pipes, threatens rapid decline for our democracy.An air disaster,the shutdown of public services nationwide are two of the chips that MOM(POTUS) is tossing on the table.



  1. A “symbol” he says. From Daedal2207’s point of view building more “walls” along the southern border is symbolic of ugly motivations. They include racism and a refusal to address real problems facing the world community. If symbolic only and lacking any life-saving function this judgment would be sound, but from many sources, including common sense, we can understand that walls are likely to provide results that are more than just illusion when they are requested by professionals whose duty requires them to obstruct harmful intrusions. Absent in Daedal2207’s statement is an awareness that too much of any good thing is a bad thing. Immigration is good. Too much, too quickly, and it is bad. The judgment that it must be a racist act to slow or control rates of immigration indicates ignorance about degrees of cultural clash and the importance of time and volume factors when mixing people of differing and often conflicting beliefs. (Or is this willful omission – or intent to slander the Republicans?)

    Daedal2207 is correct in pointing out that there are risks and costs (mostly temporary) involved with a government shutdown. Absent is recognition that there are risks and costs (mostly permanent) when not providing the border controls that could have avoided them. For instance, any murder or manslaughter committed in the U.S. by an illegal causes permanent family separations. Lack of clarity as to enforcement encourages many to attempt deadly paths to our land of opportunity (and welfare). Government-corrupting drug cartels and human smugglers are enriched by those who dis existing law and promise a safe haven for illegals, so those Democrats fighting to deny the best of border security are a cause of great pain and death both outside and inside these tragically dis-United States.

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