MOM { A Controlled Agent of the Soviets!?

MOM (aka POTUS) has declared victory over ISIS in Syria and apparently ordered the withdrawal of some 2000 U.S. troops.This is causing consternation even among GOP politicians and certainly among the U.S. Chiefs of Staff.This action is praised by Vladimir Putin as it strengthens his hand in support of the Syrian President and the Iranian adventurism which has long threatened the middle east.Delighted too is Turkey which can attack the Kurdish rebels who have been the tip of the spear attacking Isis.Turkey is now free to attack the Kurds, who without U>S. air and land support are extraordinarily vulnerable.Is it accidental that Russia and Turkey have been the recipients of the kind of informational and cloak and dagger support now being exposed by the Mueller investigation and the inquiry of congressional committees? Not bloody Likely !!!



  1. A surprise announcement! Daedal2207 is justified in wondering why now. Although only 2000 of our troops seem to be involved, their link with U.S. interests is important to many of the big players. However, there are a number of possible behind-the-scene activities that make judgments of certitude unjust. Nevertheless, those who have such a need will run with whatever might support their agenda. I wonder just how Daedal2207 has learned what others have not. That is, what evidence Mueller has acquired that proves anything other than associates of Trump engaging in relatively minor “crimes” totally unrelated to “collusion” (which except for very unusual circumstances is not criminal)? Daedal2207 seems so certain that nefarious motives are driving Presidential actions yet ignores the finding of congressional committees that have real evidence connecting Hillary to Russia with efforts to affect the election. Hillary’s election effort apparently paid for a hurt-Trump “dossier” fabricated in part by Russian operatives and used to obtain FISA support to spy on the Trump election effort. Beyond the election it was used to support Mueller’s effort to find (compose?) crimes by which to possibly impeach him. Interesting times! We wait anxiously for the Inspector General to present his report.

    1. The behind the scenes activities appear to be related to campaign promises to a cultish base ; those reduction promises also involve troops in Afghanistan,Korea and around the world.Even Netanyahu is perturbed.
      The resignations are cascading,the U.S. stock and commodity markets are plunging.We now face a government shutdown while MOM heads for Mira Laga to golf and entertain.( Russians,Saudis, and Turks are without doubt welcome).

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