The Wheels Are Flying Off the Clown Car

Those who have been following this blog for some time will note that our comparisons of the Trump Presidential saga to the peregrinations of cult pariahs,mob bosses etc.are being widely supported in the press and in the marketplace of public opinion.The Merchant of Malice (aka POTUS) is watching people fly from his orbit under clouds of suspicion  or with investigations pending( EPA,Interior)The death and abuse of migrant children is now coming to light as administration loyalists turn on their own justice structure.(FBI,CIA,and not least the very Constitution. Flynn,Manafort ,Cohen etc.are flipping, some wholeheartedly and some still trying to straddle the fence of truth in hopes  of Presidential pardon.

The international jawboning re trade and treaties has stopped the upward flight of the markets and the fear of recession is increasingly justified.The threat of government shutdown over border wall funding flares incessantly The era of Trump is increasingly associated with failure and fraud(Trump University,Trump Foundation.Trump Inaugural Campaign Fund,Trump Hotels in Washington and Moscow(projected) Our national and international risk is escalating as our leader is identified as the as yet unproven operator of a series of criminal enterprises.The association of some of MOM’s  escapades with infidelity and sexual exploitation sets a depressing pathway for the youth of our nation even if they are below the level of crimes.


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