AACP Position Paper

This declaration(underlying pdf) by the Academy of Community Psychiatrists attests not only to the importance of health equity as a moral and legal obligation to LEGAL migrants but foreshadows the risks to the health and security of all Americans when that obligation is voided.For those of you who have been following this blog and its related TopDoc series, its relevance  to observations made relative to the function of government and the risks to our health care system and general safety by over reliance on emergency rooms will be clear.(Click on the medallion and scroll down to see TopDoc series)

At times it seems that greed.stupidity and malevolence are being manipulated by agents of a hostile foreign nation or nations in order to destroy those things that have truly made us great,not least among them diversity,kindness and respect.



  1. “The upcoming November APHA meeting has as its central theme Health Care equity.” Dr. Thomas states that we should care because “at its core is the question of the role of government”.

    We have a choice, we can use government to impose Health Care equity – or – we can give government the task of creating and protecting a climate out of which we can achieve for the greatest number the very best quantity and quality of Health Care possible. We cannot do both. Each option requires a different form of government. The government capable of imposing “equity” of outcome is one that can forcefully redistribute resources earned by some to those who have less. For the most able, productive incentives are impacted negatively thereby diminishing the overall volume and quality of resources.

    What both have in common is the fact that they will fall short of providing perfect Health Care. Resources will never be adequate to keep all alive forever. For many citizens our inevitable last months will involve expensive efforts to maintain life. For those suffering grave illnesses, as well as those on their death beds, an inevitable lack of sufficient resources will require some form of triage. Who receives the best treatment will be decided by a market system or by some form of government entity. A free market will favor those who have acquired more wealth and a government-controlled system will favor those citizens who are “selected” by “life-panels” or equally true, “death-panels”. Which of the two forms of government is most likely to be impacted by corruption?

    We all want to “make the world a better place”. If a more equal distribution of resources is the criteria by which we determine “better”, a government empowered to redistribute resources is the answer. If the goal is that of most completely serving the needs of the greatest number a less intrusive government designed to protect the productive process of liberty and free markets should prevail.

    1. It is amusing that Trump, in the face of California’s raging fires,invokes Finland as an example of sensibly modulated forest maintenance.Aside from instinctively wishing to malign California ,and avoiding sincere expression of empathic response to death and disaster,MOM picks a country which operates on the principle of government serving the interests of its people,not supplying the opportunity for some to excel while others perish.Who says government” can’t do both” if one is really afraid of powerful government one should really be afraid of MOM’s autocratic behavior,including misuse of the military and abuse of the FBI,the judiciary and the Press.

      1. Dr. Thomas believes that Trump did not display “sincere” empathy in response to California’s tragic losses. Many others, including myself, believe that he is not the cold villain the political left wishes to create. Trump demonstrates an empathy that is capable of embracing both those who have experienced loss AND those who have experienced gains. Knowing the nature of each, he chooses to encourage for our population qualities that lead to gain instead of loss.

        As of 1 January 2018, the population of Finland was estimated to be 5,574,179. A country with the population of one of our cities can create and control a government that is far more responsive to all its people’s creative needs than can our country of 326 million. Dr. Thomas has not yet understood that our government was not designed to favor some “while others perish”, but to favor the awesome productivity caused when those with exceptional skills are allowed free-market incentives to be most productive. This high-octane creativity operates automatically (with little government interference) to the great benefit of all our citizens. Dr. Thomas and those favoring leftist systems of big government seem to prefer an equal distribution of outcome INSTEAD OF the life-saving, life-expanding quantity of resources inspired by free markets – those free markets that Trump has been creating in spite of Democrat resistance.

        Proselytizing the belief that Trump has “misused” the military, the FBI, the judiciary and the Press illustrates a propaganda technique used by the “resistance”. Studies have shown that over ninety percent of Trump’s Major Press coverage has been negative. It consists mostly of innuendo, distortion, and omission. There is much empirical evidence that a number of high officials in the FBI actually misused their powers in order to handicap Trump. The hostility of much of “The Press” should be obvious to any observant mind. And how has the judiciary been “misused”? That the seating of original intent Justices could be considered a misuse would reveal a preference for “living constitution” (or law-making judges). Selecting law-making judges is something I would call a misuse of the judiciary. Perhaps Dr. Thomas is thinking of something else? Also, I see no misuse of the military. In fact, I see it being strengthened for good reason given the many external threats facing our future.

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