Risk for the Nation is Increasing.

The Merchant of Malice (POTUS) is claiming voter fraud,trying to shape(unconstitutionally) the Justice Department,attacking NATO allies while preparing to meet with Putin with an unknown agenda. While behaving in this unsettling manner he is also failing to fill the role of chief mourner for the bereaved in mass murder(gun violence ) and natural disaster.His speechwriters cannot pencil in the empathy which he appears to lack.To the degree that this behavior is under conscious control it can be expected that it will increase in international adventurousness and encouragement of domestic violence as it becomes clearer to him that he cannot control the outcome of the Mueller investigation.The DSM 3 phrase”little room to maneuver except into psychosis”keeps shadowing his Presidency as it appears that his maneuvering space is sedition,anarchy and foment of riot. The Democratic party should use the word and concept of indictment sparingly or not at all until the Mueller report is out and considered.Citizens need to control their violent impulses as manifested by their personal encounters with others and behind the  steering wheel of their cars.The Republican party needs to reclaim some moral ground with the departure of significant legislators from the cult of Trump.As our pessions and pocketbooks are pummeled personal restraint and common sense is our chief defense against the dog whistles and clarion calls that will beset us.We have to depend on some of our leaders being responsible enough to resist the call to war.



  1. Eyes that do not see and ears that cannot hear are essential attributes of those who support MOM while simultaneously claiming American ethics and values.The anniversaries of the end of ” the war to end all wars” (100 years) and Krystalnacht (80 years) deserve moral and ethical certitude!!!

    1. The following would be just as helpful to those minds wishing to comprehend the realities: Eyes that do not see and ears that cannot hear are essential attributes of those who refuse to support our President while simultaneously claiming that they know better than others “American ethics and values”. In other words, Dr. Thomas’s and my OPINIONS differ. Given that no opinion is any better than its supporting evidence support needs to be presented:.

      What are “American ethics and values”? I would claim that the original idea called “America” valued most highly a form of government that would strive for an equality of rights for every individual citizen. A maximum degree of “Liberty” for each individual citizen is highly valued (along with a greatly prized individual responsibility which allows each person to develop just reasons for personal pride). This requires that an unobtrusive government referee the honest and freely competitive interactions of its individual citizens, but avoid as much as possible becoming a player possessing unfair and corruptive powers.

      Another interpretation of “America’s ethics and values” is being advocated that is in direct conflict with the original. This view sees an “America” where our government is supposed to take care of us. “Government needs to be made powerful and big enough to take “from each according to ability and give to each according to need”. This is a fundamental maxim of Marxism, and indeed, this is the vision increasingly embraced by today’s Democrats. Not only is more economic control demanded, but “moral” concepts held by the majority elites are enforced under many new forms of “legal” penalty. This explains their emphasis on introducing “living constitution” justices. These believers need a different read of the original Constitution. “Social Justice” needs to prevail over the original “Individual Justice”.

      Fundamental evidence in support of why the original “America” should prevail has to do with its prodigious capacity for invention and productivity. All life requires resources to be available for survival and growth. Logically, that system most efficient in providing such production must favor more life. Any economic system that is less effective must be less supportive of more life.

      Dr. Thomas claims to know “American values and ethics”. This claim alone does not establish its truth.

  2. Such certitudes! We see here an expansive imagination as regards the creation of negative motives and disastrous conclusions! The late Charles Krauthammer summed it up when he called this kind of thing “Trump derangement”. A mind that knows what it doesn’t know would allow room for all the possibilities that such knowledge would dictate. But that would deny the id its elevated thrills of an evil “enemy” and an exaggerated place of goodness for self (and those people of one’s flock who share the elevated plateau).

    Daedal227 not only “knows” the exact “shape” that Trump intends for the Justice Department, but is certain that whatever it becomes, it’s going to be “unconstitutional”. He also “knows” exactly the greater degree of attention California’s outrageous mass shooting (all crazy-man shootings?) must receive from POTUS. No matter the complex challenges associated with the exact meaning of “empathy”, he knows how much, with whom, and how “empathy” must be displayed. We can rest assured that by Daedal2207’s definition Trump will fail the test. “International adventures” we can understand will be disastrous instead of successful, as if past Presidents had demonstrated great genius no matter the aggressiveness of foreign despots in taking advantage.

    However, as regards the charge of “indictment” Daedal2207 departs from his customary excess certitude and the advice to wait until Mueller has presented the evidence is exactly right.

    “The cult of Trump” needs to be considered analogous to “the cult of anti-Trump”, and each should be tempered by the existence of other possibilities, such as “some of his policies (consider increased economic/resource activity) may strengthen our U.S.A. such that it can again ACTUALLY be “great” for the greatest possible number.

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