Eyes and Ears of Darkness: Constitutional Crisis is Upon Us.

The Merchant of Malice already has Kavanaugh as his eyes and ears on the Supreme Court and now has named Whittaker to be his eyes and ears in the Justice Department..With Justice Ginsburg in the hospital with three broken ribs it would appear that the devil”s disciples are having a field day.
Another gun violence mass homicide(45 calibre automatic) has occurred in the USA this time in southern California’s Thousand Oaks (just 25 miles away), MOM’s least favorite state.Of course it’s all unrelated happenstance and has nothing to do with the infectious nature of evil.
The Blue Wave,although somewhat less than thunderous,has provided a check on the Merchant of Malice and the manipulations of the GOP.There will be accountability, even if Mueller is crippled by Trump’s designee(bypassing Rosenstein).Pelosi and Co. can and will subpoena Mueller to attest to his findings.Even if he is murdered, there are many who know the details of his work.The game’s afoot and the Constitutional crisis draws nigh.


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