The paradox of “Knowing”

The Merchant of Malice aka POTUS is dodging and weaving and raising a fuss about all kinds of peripheral issues as distractors from the central issue of obstruction of justice.He equates issues of free speech and freedom of assembly with anti-Americanism when convenient and blatantly ignores them when fascistic behavior on the part of his base is involved.This behavior is made more acceptable when wrapped in the the cloth of a spurious patriotism.His shenanigans include the assertion of false facts whenever convenient .The ability to weigh the likelihood of veracity and to see it as a matter of probability tied to linked events is presented as as a quality and predilection of elites and not knowing with “certainty”transforms into indifference.Such issues as tying the ability to pardon as a political mallet excusing crime,sedition and placing the President above the law are part of the defamatory reduction of the American dream into a justification for kleptocracy.
This is a constitutional and corruption crisis dwarfing the impeachable behavior of Clinton and even Nixon,both of these stopping short of defying normative respect for precedent.His actions on tariffs will bring the economic surge to an end and Americans begin to worry about paying for their shiny new ,no longer gas sipping vehicles(again thanks to Trump)and begin to notice that concern about 85,000 lost jobs in China by a company involved in stealing data should not compete with lost jobs in the USA brought about by unwinnable trade wars.
How much MOM is willing to give away in pursuit of a Nobel Peace prize should also concern us.North Korea is a wily competitor and denuclearization will not be a possibility. Peace through Strength ? Not with MOM and his clown cart.Maybe he can be temporarily distracted by a parade of American military might to match the French display(grimace).



  1. Notice how the “central issue” is no longer “collusion with the Russians”, but is now “obstruction of justice”? Also, I would like to see Daedal2207 present evidence that there is indeed “fascistic behavior on the part of his (Trump’s) base”. His base is applauding the fact that government controls (regulations) are being reduced. This describes activity which is opposite that of fascist socialism.

    How does Daedal2207 “know” that Trump’s “actions on tariffs will bring the economic surge to an end”? How does he “know” that denuclearization of North Korea is not a possibility?

    “Patriotism” is truly good when it builds an appreciation for a country that is truly good. It is “spurious” when it serves a country that is dysfunctional. Clearly, those of a leftist mindset would believe that the focus on individual liberty, as advocated in our original Constitution, is dysfunctional as regards its obstructing the governmentally forced redistributions required to achieve their concepts of group-defined “social justice”. Thus from this perspective, a showing of patriotic respect for the original idea called “America” is a “spurious” act. (Remember, Obama once happily proclaimed that we were only five days away from “a fundamental transformation of the United States of America”.) Those of a leftist mindset are not happy about the current turn of events. Those of a truth-seeking mindset will continue to analyze as objectively as possible the actual flow of events.

  2. If other countries charge taxes on our products that they import, it makes sense that we levy EQUAL taxes on the products that we import from them!
    Anwar Ghali, MD, MPA

    1. It is not a simple tit for tat.The economics of trade involves balance of payments,trade deficit or excess,effect on domestic GDP via employment etc.etc.I am no economist but recognize that the dismal science rejects a dumb Trumpian equivalency argument.

      1. Descartes is not alone in his “I think therefore I am”.DS’ confidential”Notice…”is of interest therefore”notice” how DS evades the issues of thuggery, kleptocracy,misogyny,sexual misconduct,racism,abuse of power etc.The latest Trumpian toys are the pardon power,and presidential tariff authority,I think therefore I know that deficit management by simplistic tariff manipulation brings on trade war with the U.S. going up against economic coalitions in wars that can only be lost,probably simultaneously and having seen the result of economic slowdown before “know” that economic recession follows.

        1. I too like Descartes.

          We all think, therefore we all are. (Are some more, because they think more?)

          It is likely that conflict exists because we are not all thinking with equal objectivity. As evidenced by previous writings I have not evaded the issues of misogyny, sexual misconduct, racism and abuse of power. I have noted the fact that Trump deviates from some sexual “norms” by displaying his agreement with other sexual “norms”. After all, in 1992 he was happily on the cover of Playboy magazine. As for Trump being “racist” and “misogynistic” I have argued that these labels are fake news, slanders, given that there are so many examples of countering evidence. Thuggery means “brutal and violent”. This doesn’t describe Trump unless one thinks that verbal put-downs equate with brutal and violent (What then do we call the smashing of knee caps?). We want power to be used to advance the good. I thought that Obama abused power, so I am not surprised that those of a leftist mindset would believe that Trump abuses power. Hopefully we both want a lawful use of power. It appears that there are some once high FBI and DOJ officials who are in legal jeopardy because they apparently used their powers to handicap an opposed-to-their-dogma political party. An Inspector General report will soon clarify.
          As Trump has said, tariffs that cease to exist would be most “fair”. The issue is complex given that (for good and ill depending on context) some countries strive to cultivate specific industries by handicapping competition from others. Reducing tariffs is a process involving a constant balancing of many parts. It is not a “war” that “can only be lost”. Do the process well (time will tell) and most of us will “win”.

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