In the eight days or so since we posted last,waiting to see how the ship of state would fare in light of MOM’s increasing desperation,we have seen gunfire erupt around the nation at a Trump facility in Florida,a high school in Texas,a suburb near Baltimore,an area in Atlanta,a shooting in Boston etc. etc.We have seen Ollie North elevated to the presidency of the NRA amid increasing evidence that the 10 to 17 million dollar elevation of money contributed to the Trump campaign contrasted to the money contributed to the past Republican campaigns may have come from Russian sources.Gun control legislation is still bitterly opposed by most of the A rated (NRA) in the two parties.Children”s deaths apparently don’t matter.

Trump’s attempts to turn violations of law and abuse of office into party issues seem to be gaining valence as the faithful either because they prefer to hate rather than think or can’t reason, are being bolstered by those who either cannot understand or would rather see children and minorities savaged than give up focus on their favorite TVs,mobile phones,autos,and yes dammit, guns!

Is there a blue wave coming as women around the country and the world join hands to defend their children and their rights?  Ex- military women and sex entertainers find themselves in unusual alliance; but the likes of Schumer praising Trump for an unnecessary vainglorious transfer of the U.S. embassy(inevitability is not an excuse for stupid,ill timed diplomatic action)indicates that the politicking and prior loyalty issue is not solely a Repulican issue and that the blue wave can be undone by ambition and prior alliance. No time for Sergeants,no time for Holder or Biden! Where are the new voices that can shape new alliances for the good of the PEOPLE?



  1. It is fascinating that an obviously bright mind is so certain of a few, but unaware of other, often more likely, possibilities. Understand how this happens and we can better set about navigating our lives in the “real” world and avoid unnecessary conflict. Bertrand Russel was a leading authority in the fields of treaties and mathematics, but in the 1930s he advocated that Britain unilaterally disarm. There is a tendency (a desire) to believe that we know more than we can know. Some define “knowledge” as only that which they possess. A parody verse was written about Benjamin Jowett, master at Balliol College at Oxford University: “My name is Benjamin Jowett. If its knowledge, I know it. I am the master of this college. What I don’t know isn’t knowledge.”

    Daedal2207 seems to “know” that NRA members must be callous. For them “children’s lives don’t matter”. Missing from consideration is the possibility that NRA members might “know” something he doesn’t know; that is, knowledge about human nature combined with methods of crime deterrence which, if implemented, would provide the greatest possible saving of children’s lives.

    Daedal2207 “knows” that Trump’s efforts to clarify whether or not highly positioned FBI and CIA officials were corrupted by political bias are motivated by “hate” and indicate an inability to “think or reason”. He “knows” that these efforts “are being bolstered by those who either cannot understand or would rather see children and minorities savaged than give up focus on their favorite TVs, mobile phones, autos, and yes dammit, guns!”

    In the real world other possibilities exist. Others “know” that when given power bright minds have often chosen to misuse it. This in order to advance cherished, but contrary to their duty, goals. This known, and given many examples of such bias, a truth-seeking (rather than belief protecting) mind would support further investigation.

    For the good of the people I recommend that we avoid claiming that we “know” with more certainty than we can know. The process of “knowing” (as a verb) is more important than cultivating a belief that we “know” (as a noun).

  2. The congress voted to move the American Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem several years ago. Past presidents ignored that. President Trump fulfilled the wish of the congress!
    Anwar Ghali, MD, MPA

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