The Chamber Pot Bubbles Over

My prediction that the next several months would be critical in terms of the damage that MOM would inflict on the country and the world was way off.That same day with porcine swagger MOM(POTUS) pulled us out of the Iran accord.Only Netanyahu( under indictment by Israeli law) was overjoyed,Russia,China and Turkey already have envoys en route to Teheran to profit from this egregious,arrogant,blunder.It will take a little time for the U.S. to put together a functioning sanctions office and team but once functioning the sanctions will hurt our allies who remain in the pact and who continue to honor their word as much as Iran will.Should Iran pull out of the pact,it can immediately send home the nuclear inspectors and resume purification of uranium and employment of Plutonium in pursuit of the BOMB.Action only stoppable by WAR !
I believe that the precipitous action was not only in fulfillment of a campaign”promise” but also done to distract from new revelations involving Michael COHEN’s Essential Consultant LLC paying off women used and abused by MOM and an GOP inner circle with contributions from companies like ATT,Novartis,Russian oligarch Viktor Wechselberg’s russian Renova Group controlling N.Y. based Columbus Nova.Michael Avanatti,Stormy Daniel”s lawyer is digging up this muck.(dreck) We can now wait and see how much damage will come out of MOM’s engagement with a much cleverer North Korean leader.Yes three detained korean americans were sent home with Pompeo…Kim Jong Un knows that regime change is still Trumpian policy and that his nuclear arsenal is the only valid bargaining chip.He may stop testing but the fate of Libya”s Kadaffi is still plain to see and understand.(he gave up his nuclear arms!)



  1. Maybe Daedal2207 can explain to the readers why an Iran armed with nuclear bombs, and other Arab countries thus defensively acquiring nuclear bombs, is good for the human future. Maybe he can explain how he “knows” that other powers in the world will not try to force their vision on others including ourselves? And, what about the possibility that Iran’s fanatically despot leaders believe that they serve a deity Who requires they sacrifice self in the act of destroying us? How does Daedal2207 “know” that western concepts of life are not in mortal jeopardy and there may be no option but to fight, or capitulate – thereby condemning us and our children to enslavement?

  2. As for Korea, several previous presidents could not do any thing to stop North Korea’s nuclear program. Only president Trump was able to do it using president Regan’s principle of Peace through Strength. Many liberals kept warning that the president!s threats to Korea will start a nuclear war. Their fears proved to be WRONG. Only Peace through Strength worked to bring North Korea to sanity.
    As for Iran that destabilizes the whole Middle East and supports terrorism e.g. The terrorist Hizbollah, the deal made with Iran was one of the worst diplomatic deals we ever participated in. Iran was bribed with unvbelievable amounts of cash money to promise that it will stop its nuclear program for a definite period of time, after which it will continue its nuclear program to threaten the Big Satsan (the name they all our country) and to threaten other countries in the Middle East. Including our allies: Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries. Peace through Strength is the only measure that will work with Iran as it did with Korea. President Trump is the only president after president Regan who has the back spine to stand for terrorist regimes. When we vote for a president to be elected, we do not vote for a priest or a preacher, we vote for a person who has a back spine to make America great. Presidents Clinton and Kennedy are believed to have the same issues with women as president Trump may have, but president Clinton could not stop Korea’s or Iran’s nuclear programs. We may want to pray that the Lord supports the president in his dealing with evil nations and his endeavor to make America great.
    Anwar Ghali, MD, MPA.

    1. I see no evidence of actual denuclearization.I do see evidence of a cessation of underground testing because of particle leak from deteriorating caves.Sloganeering is one part of the process of being duped into voting for avatars instead of persons.Cosby and Trump are good examples of this.Cease sloganeering and follow the money which shows the unprecedented abuse of power,.women and trust. What is an evil nation Dr. Ghali ? Doesn’t evil government produce evil nations ? MOM is giving a pretty good imitation of Caligula.even to the point of trying to create his own Praetorian Guard.. I see no” I Claudius” standing by and neither Pence nor Ryan qualify as Augustus..When and if MOM plunges us into war in the middle east and gunfire and blood spill in riot on American streets will you consider both of these Holy Wars?

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