Spin The Bottle

Now the trumpeter supports a bipartisan plan to continue the Obamacare subsidies.The delay in support already has cost thousands days ,weeks,months and maybe a year or more of critical coverage.Apparently a few of the adults left around this White House prevailed upon Pariah Potus.Does anyone speak for the national interest? Or has the game of distraction and diversion reached such proportion that it can no longer be isolated from Trump cover up tantrum and ignorance coupled with the weakness of congress.

Hold the phone! The Trumpeter/Joker no doubt after consulting with Rasputin(Bannon) has decided to redo his do over.Ship of state? Wolf Larsen would do a creditable job.This POTUS is even worse than the skipper of the Hesperus.Now we can watch the Republicans do the huckleuck.( Huckleberry-Sanders will keep us informed( sort of)


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