The Quality of Mercy…one more time…Can’t give it a Rest…Portia!

A new storm has arisen about callous,unfeeling expressions in a call from Potus to the family of a black soldier killed in Niger.As chief of staff,ex marine general explained it is really simple.The words to be used were given to the Trumpeter by Kelly himself a gold star father)I don’t believe Trump meant to be disrespectful or dismissive but he is a man who lacks empathic capability and the words given to him by a man who though a hard man,has empathy misfired.Naturally The Trumpeter messed it up.It got worse with the empty barrel remarks about Frederika Wilson,the congresswoman who listened in and reported.The problem Gen.Kelly is that empathy should not be reserved for those like you.Kelly you’re a typical T.S. in this case,Trump Supporter.



  1. Answer to SB comment dated 26 Oct. 4:32AM
    CENTRAL is how we determine the probability that what we think is true (subjective) might actually be true (objective). If we live in a mechanistic universe we can assume that there IS an objective best answer to any question we can imagine. The tools (includes disciplines) of the scientific method are apparently the best we can do in making our very BEST GUESSES about what we believe is true (or false). We test hypotheses. We should avoid falling so in love with any single answer that we neglect (or become hostile to) other possibilities. This is akin (or perhaps the best we can do) to avoid obstructive bias.

    SB asks: “How do you favor humans? Maybe favoring life is more encompassing?

    Favoring “life” would be by definition more encompassing. Given that we must displace, kill and/or consume other life forms in order for human life to survive, the cultivating of a value that gives all life forms equal status would be destructive of human life.
    A relative who raised pigs told me he never gives a name to an animal he must someday eat. In other words, don’t cultivate an empathy with that which for survival’s sake must be destroyed.

    1. Man kills for sport and sadistically tortures.

      P. S. Agree and kudos on not naming the pig.

  2. Empathy could be a two-way street when viewed around and above the blinders of any singular mindset. Will it be an empathy focused to the pragmatic mindsets akin to General Kelly, or to the preaching scripts of those immersed in leftism? Which will REALLY best serve our human future?

    1. A (documented, recorded) lie is a lie. It knows no partisanship … no dogma. Real courage would be demonstrated by the sadist-in-chief to admit and apologize for (all) his lies … especially apologizing for sending in his chief-of-staff who (as well as his family) has served this country, honorably, to defend his lies. In so doing, he injected Gen. Kelly with his poisonous character, thereby having the general lose all credibility from now on. DS may think this is normal discourse. Continuously lowering the bar on decency will have serious consequences. Unfortunately, to be seen.

      1. Is it “decent” to slam a comment of good intent as if it were an intended slight? Is it “decent” to accuse another, such as General Kelly, of obsequious, lying puppetry? Most importantly, is one educating with truth, or infecting others with falsehoods? Inappropriately broad generalizations are the essence of racism. Inappropriate generalizations are of the essence in character assassination. Is the doing of these things an activity that ANYONE can HONESTLY call “decent”?

    2. There is no empathy of the right or of the left.Empathy is an archaic evolutionary tool,whose function is to deflect or negate tHe reflexive impulse to destroy ” the other”.Some have more than others.Some( characterologically disordered) have none at all.There is no wait and see if the mechanism fails in its deflection,we are dealing with the end of mankind.Those who put their faith in a multiplanetary species capability are kidding themselves.

      1. Daedal2207 presents a rather narrow (perhaps clinical) definition of “empathy”. I use it to mean “identify with”. It appears that Daedal2207 would have us declaring a really good soldier as someone who is denying, deficient, or without empathy because his job requires that the “other” must be (reflexively) “destroyed” or the battle (and likely one’s life) is forfeited to the “other”. It seems to be true that all life forms must fight in some fashion for their most peaceful condition. Wouldn’t the “empathy” as defined by Daedal2207 represent, DEPENDING ON CONTEXT, a sentiment that can be harmful as well as an asset? By now we should all know that feelings (even those called empathic) can be dangerously inappropriate!

    3. Nothing pragmatic about General Kelly promoting a lie about Congresswoman Wilson. “E,pty barrel?” Now that’s a new form of respect towards women to which he longs. Nothing so blind as those who do not wish to see … or, deafness so profound by those who do not wish to hear … the lies, disrespect, cruelty. What will replace the destruction of order and rule of law that this imperial demagogue is bringing on to our country and the world? What deprivation of opportunity, equality has DS’s group suffered? Is sharing, lending a stretched out hand as we climb the ladder of “better” so painful?

      P. S. Humanity has grifters … no doubt about it … but, they exist in all strata. However, as daedal2207, nature, in its evolutionary processhas, has tried to overcome that malignant premordial tendency. Let’s celebrate that rather than accept the cruel alternative. There but for the grace … You know … we can become victims at the turn of … But, go ahead, DS: mock away.

      1. I don’t think that a respectful effort to reveal weaknesses in an argument is necessarily related to “mocking”.
        It seems to be true that in general discourse disrespect seems to foster disrespect. But the example given by SB shows only that General Kelly presented an unflattering OPINION about Congresswoman Wilson based on her take regarding a particular phone call. There was no general denigration of women as SB has apparently stated. So, isn’t this a sufficient leap from the available evidence such that it classifies as a libel against him? SB asks: “What deprivation of opportunity, equality has DS’s group suffered?” These examples reveal a mindset that apparently has difficulty imagining another person not being “tribal” such that one’s “belonging” to a favored “group” dictates to varying degree what is right or wrong. If I have a “group” to which I would like to belong (other than the human family – I favor humans over other animals), it would be with those individuals (no matter all physical differences) who share a joyful, special effort to be honest and intellectually inquisitive about the truth of things.
        SB rants about “the destruction of order and rule of law that this imperial demagogue is bringing on to our country and the world”. SB writes well, but an inquisitive reader who actually wants to know if there is any truth in these otherwise angry opinions would like to see the evidence – as well as colorful style. Evidence can be tested for objective accuracy much more easily than subjective sentiments. (Brains looking for most probable truths evoke among their kind far less hostility than occurs among those minds that FEEL cherished sentiments have to be protected or proselytized).

        1. DS, your own bias picked on the wrong portion of General Kelly’s claim of being “stunned:”. It was his account of Congresswoman Wilson’s dedication of the new FBI building to which I was referring. TOTALLY false. We await your looooong admonition as to how the actual video of that speech matches General Kelly’s account and our own bias is wrongfully expecting truths rather than lies. We know, we know … the new norm being pushed is that lies are truths and truths are lies.. I don’t accept it. Who’s the dinosaur here?

          P. S. How do you favor humans? Maybe favoring life is more encompassing?

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