When The Mirror Reflects Fire and Fury

It is now beginning to appear to the discerning that there is a relationship between the murderous event in Mesquite Nevada and the thunderous “Fire and Fury”pronouncement of  POTUS a few weeks ago.  Stephen Paddock,described by his brother as a narcissist,successful,wealthy,an investor and a gambler with a girl friend set up tidily by his wealth,rained fire and fury on concertgoers at a Country and Western fete.A few weeks before Donald J.Trump,narcissist,wealthy,gambler with other peoples money,with a long history of wives,girl friends and investments without records, threatened the world with his fire and fury threat to nuke North Korea. In the recognition of the impossibility of revisiting the past and gaining value from rejecting or externally valuing parents the narcissist becomes enraged and feeds his slipping vanity with a prodigious destructive fantasy which he may enact. Whether he survives it or not may be irrelevant.

I suggest that Paddock was mirroring Trump in whose mien and behavior much of normal humanity can find no trace of a capacity for empathic identification.Weberian style setting proclivity for humans has roots well beneath and beyond conscious imitation.



  1. Corker of Tennessee has it right. Bannon is now loose against Republicans..Pariah POTUS thinks Democrats will help build his wall. His antipathy toward Obama continues to swell as his racist identity emerges clearly.

  2. Everything stated here by Daedal2207 could be true. How helpful is this? The answer to that question depends on the degree to which these opinions relate to the objective truths. How do we determine that? We look at other possibilities and their likely correlation to objective truths – and then compare:

    POTUS told the world a few weeks ago that if North Korea endangered us, it would experience “fire and fury like the world has never seen.” For the sake of deterrence, isn’t it reasonable to explain to an enemy that if they cross a line there would be significant consequences? Why would Daedal 2207 consider a reasonable warning to be evidence that President Trump is somehow narcissistic, deficient or dangerous? (Is there a strain of pacifism here? About that: Given a war between “pacifism” and “conquest” who thinks that conquest would not win?). Daedal2207 says that Stephen Paddock “rained fire and fury” down upon the innocent crowd. Did Paddock act out of fury? We don’t know Paddock’s state of mind (other than its being deranged or ?). For him it might not have been fury, but something else. Islamic terrorists, by ridding the world of infidels, may have visions of their reward, passing through a gateway into eternal glory – who knows? A brother describes the killer as a “narcissist”. I think this assumption is likely true, but by what real authority can we ascribe this judgment to be certain? The same holds for Trump. I wonder, of all those who have sought the power of the Presidency, who among them did not possess some degree of narcissism? So, I hope that his self-image is one that drives him to actually do those things that objectively benefit our “America”. So far, his record in that regard I consider to be good. Daedal2207 writes that Trump threatened to “nuke” North Korea. Not necessarily. It is true that Harry Truman used this (Biblical in origin) term when nukes were used against Japan, but Daedal2207 also used “fire and fury” to describe the machine gun outrage in Las Vegas. The U.S. probably has conventional weaponry that can impose fire and fury “like the world has never seen” as stated by Trump. But hopefully North Korea believes it refers to the use of nuclear power, otherwise for the sake of deterring North Korea’s ambitions we might as well not have nuclear weapons.

    Trump is “a gambler with other people’s money”? In business structure other people gambled with their own money trusting Trump to use it to bring them profit. Many won that bet. Some did not. Business (and life) is many forms of gamble. (Progressive governments tend to gamble with other people’s money. Tax until “their” money runs out. Then government prints “money” and pretends that it actually correlates with something having been produced.)

    Daedal2207 tells us: “In the recognition of the impossibility of revisiting the past and gaining value from rejecting or externally valuing parents the narcissist becomes enraged and feeds his slipping vanity with a prodigious destructive fantasy which he may enact.” Yes, Trump MAY be a warped narcissist. And someone who is a true narcissist MAY do this enraging kind of thing. But how do we weigh the probability of risk? Maybe Daedal2207 knows the answer to this question: Out of a hundred, a thousand, or a hundred thousand “narcissists”, what percentage can be counted upon to engage in this level of destruction? And then again, MAYBE none of this interesting and stretching conjecture relates to the Trump Presidency.

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