Domestic Terrorism Strikes Again

59 people are dead and 530 plus wounded.The scene was a Las Vegas country music concert.The time was last night.Take heart ” second amendment folk”,Trump is in charge and there will be no consequences.We have noted before that the horse is out of the barn and banning high capacity magazines is about all we can do.Most significant is the blind and murderous rage focused on an anonymous mass.There will be much irrelevant talk about mental illness and looking for ideological motives.I suggest that it is the antagonistic,thuggish style of our leaders coupled with unprecedented greed,and lack of accountability that mixed with dysphoria will continue to plague America.Psychopaths may have their moment in the sun.



  1. Daedal2207 is correct in noting that “the horse is out of the barn”. It will forever be easy to acquire diverse means by which many innocents can be killed. He is right in pointing our efforts at correction toward that which motivates people to become killers or not. Some motivations such as sudden mental delusions will remain hidden and thus impossible to address. Others such as “the antagonistic, thuggish style of our leaders” may play a part in diminishing an overall mood of tolerance and respect. We should also recognize that many citizens’ “leaders” include “captains of culture” whom our society worships through media of all forms. How many gratuitous murders have been committed on screen realistically playacted by Hollywood idols? I remember feeling concern when I first saw the movie “Bonnie and Clyde”. With great sophistication, style, and marvelous acting it dramatized and humanized a pair of vicious killers. And then there is popular music. Ever actually listen to the lyrics? And add to these influences political agendas that thrive on fomenting divisive discontent, victimhood, and the labeling of entire groups as evil perpetrators.
    It appears that an effort to clarify the multi causes of “blind and murderous rage” is going to be a significant task. But as Todd Beamer, a real American hero put it, “Let’s roll”.

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