POTUS as pariah ,looking like a bloated and unhealthy Straw Man, appeared before the general assembly of the United Nations this past week presenting a bellicose America- First declaration which included a threat to obliterate a fellow member of the U.N. with nuclear arms.Ignoring the rule of commonsensical order POTUS issued a threat to a nation which is delusional about its fate and power.He has been responded to with their interpretation that he has declared war and has justified retaliation by any and all means.The first part of which will be an over  water(Pacific) detonation of an H Bomb.As the congressional and FBI investigation closes in ,Trump is whipping up his war horses of Helter Skelter racism( epitomized by his attack on  the NFL and NBA) and his nuclear warmongering on the international front.Has he turned us into a nation that is delusional about its fate and power? If so war and destruction are inevitable when two such systems clash.Paul Krugman the Nobel Laureate economist is probably correct in stating that looking to the GOP for furtherance of democracy and equal opportunity is a political non starter.Beyond that,looking to the GOP for recognition that national diplomacy cannot be handled by representatives of 48 states and merely loses us time and influence on the world stage, is also a non starter for diplomacy and an accelerator of round the world conflagrations.Syrian jets backed by Russia are a hair away from confronting U.S. backed Syrian jets and Kurdish jets.When the worldwide storm systems pause long enough for launching of missiles.drones and manned aircraft(after all there is a positive to  global warming(grimace) ,look out!



  1. The way to deal with the Korean threats is to let its leader know that his threats will not be tolerated & will be eventually muted by the mighty power of the USA, hopefully sooner than later;.
    President Trump’s comments regarding NFL players who lack respect of the USA, did not express any racism. His comments were motivated by patriotism & respect of our traditions & country.
    Though the GOP is not perfect (none is perfect except God), at least it tries to preserve our Judeo-Christian heritage.
    Anwar Ghali, MD, MPA

    1. You appear to have a certitude about the cost of nuclear conflict that indeed must come from Divine sources.El CID Campeador fought on both sides of the crusades ensuring himself eternal glory and a win!This may have been the only way to win maybe it still is.FYI the estimated cost in lives lost in a nuclear limited war is between (686,000 and 25 million).Most believe that a conventional war could not be won by the U.S.

  2. Here is another, I think more accurate read of the same events. Using Daedal2207’s format:

    POTUS, looking like a man on a serious mission, appeared before the general assembly of the United Nations this past week presenting a refreshing, yet concerning clarification of every country’s responsibilities. Addressing a major violator of responsibility, the North Korean regime, he made it clear that the misguided, ineffective efforts of the past will now possibly result in North Korea’s destruction should it not cease, but continue to develop nuclear weaponry. In response, North Korea belligerently reminded us that they have considered themselves to be at war with the U.S. since the original conflict of the 50’s. They have an H-bomb now. They will destroy us! Clearly, should North Korea not be QUICKLY DETERRED from its acquisitions and holding of such weaponry the inevitable war will be progressively greater in its destructive power. Paul Krugman, the leftist-leaning Nobel Laureate economist, is not surprising anyone with his oft-repeated declarations that the Republicans are defective, “unfair”, and leading us to disaster. Among the responsibilities of the President of the U.S. is that of being the Commander in Chief. The content and style of the President’s speech to the UN illuminated this fact to the entire world. The world now sits up, listens, and adjusts as did China with its (finally!) unprecedented banking restrictions against North Korea. Russia too is likely to be more cautious with its activities of potential conflict with U.S. and world interests. Perhaps because of President Trump’s in-your-face clarity more of the world’s resources will eventually be shifted from social conflict and instead be used to address the vicissitudes of nature’s serious challenges. If North Korea and Iran can be deterred from expanding their destructive ambitions, prospects for the world’s future look good!

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