Suspended Animation…or What to do until the doctor comes !

It is amazing that many of us feel suspended in mid air while awaiting the Comey appearance on Capitol Hill.It is as though we need some assurance that the malignant degeneration of the U.S.A,has a pivotal switch to be thrown before it can be halted.Perhaps we owe a thank you to Trump for forcing us to reexamine our basic assumptions and attitudes ,paying particular attention to the many ways we disenfranchise.Paying attention,at least verbally to some and ignoring others.How important to us is primacy on the world stage?What are the modes in which primacy has to be manifested.Vladimir Putin knows that national policy is enduring and not a result of the latest deal.His defense of Trump is therefore cynical.He too, is awaiting the course reset of this great nation.On the other hand he is prepared with a number of variations on his national/ sphere of influence theme while we,officially, are not.


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