Clashing Personality Types

The Trumpeter(POTUS),has engaged James Comey,the fired former FBI Director in Mano a Mano combat.Considering the difference in status and power he has nothing to gain and a lot to lose.Comey’s style (simultaneously strength and weakness)is a grinding obsessive analyzing and rehashing of facts with a reluctance to cut and slash.He could have,as infuriatingly as the original,commanded Lincoln’s army of the Potomac.(fired for dilatory over caution).However this attribute serves well ” the duty to correct”,which ” nauseatingly” helped destroy Hillary.He has turned over the classified portfolio to another Bulldog Drummond type and his notes to a Columbia Law Professor.
Trump burdened by his inability to learn from experience,his inability to display or evoke empathy,and his flashpoint engaging of anyone or anything that does not bend the knee is at constant risk.I dread his attempt to convey empathic understanding of the deaths of three servicemen in Afghanistan.(The death toll is climbing!) His undermining of Tillerson in the Qatar insult is also noteworthy.Trump’s era may signal opportunity to friend( frenemies ) and foe alike to exploit and embarass the U.S.A.



  1. By engaging James Comey the POTUS may have something of great importance to gain. Attracted to conflict, more people are paying attention to the issues being raised. More time devoted to analysis is likely to evoke more wisdom – that is – to the degree that we insist on objective truths rather than subjective feelings being the foundation for our reasoning processes. One important objective truth is that FINALLY James Comey revealed to the world that Donald Trump was not a subject of an FBI investigation. All the magazine and newspaper articles that viciously claimed otherwise are now shown to have advanced “fake news”. Perhaps those misleading sources will no longer be allowed to carry significant weight in our judgments as to the probable realities. It is useful for the purpose of judging “truth” to know more clearly what sources of information intend to mislead – their motivations as well as the methods employed.
    Many months of accusation, innuendo, and investigations totally absent of actionable evidence is itself a form of evidence as to the nature of this conflict. There are today in our country two contradictory visions for “America”. Trump is advancing what is called the more conservative idea (the founders’ idea) which is focused on private sector free markets and maximized individual liberty. The last eight years (and others too) focused on a larger government role designed to bring about greater forms of “social justice” (selected groups equalized statistically by way of government-dictated redistributions). The advancement of one is the diminishment of the other. The political left will logically use whatever leverage they can muster (or fabricate) in their effort to frustrate or diminish the right. Russia is an enemy and if enough people can be manipulated to believe that there is a nefarious Republican link to this evil force the Republicans will be greatly hindered in achieving their conservative goals.
    Similarly, if Trump can be successfully sold as a fool, an outsider with inappropriate empathic attitudes, or an incompetent, the policies of the left may more easily win the future. Trump’s unusual hyperbolic style lends itself to relatively easy distortion, slander and libel. Our fundamental challenge is to clarify (with best evidence) which of the two ideas for “America” should (for the sake of humanity) win the future.

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