Rumbling Stumbling Wrong Way Corrigan

International Women’s Day has passed without significant absences;nevertheless there is a sense of increasingly powerful female presence in the air.It may be confidence perfume.It is time for all of us to reexamine the paradoxes that are engulfing us.The raging tweets from POTUS have brought the Trumpeter closer to impeachment.The raging Croesus/Caligula needs to influence dubious republicans to accept a ridiculously inadequate American Healthcare Act that AARP and the AMA as well as several insurers declare unworkable.A media which could be helpful to the trolling Trumpeter if convinced is religiously antagonized,censored and excluded.Even when trotting out Melania( who behaved like it was Ladies Day)Trump had her remarks blocked to the press and reporters shuffled out.His divisive,bellicose style dominates a spineless staff and cabinet.Wrong way Corrigan keeps running toward his own end zone.China has offered a way out of confrontation; because of Trumps rhetoric and need to show toughness we are dealing,not only with North Korea’s madman but our own Mad Max.Aah that’s it if he reaches the end zone he becomes Mad Max in his fantasy.



  1. Ah, the ghost of Caligula, entering the body of our own deranged-in-chief … walking the halls of the People’s House, defiling the shelter it represents. Our nation is in an abusive relationship with the head of our household. We the nation are the enablers. When he punches, we are made to assume the blame … it’s our fault. We will come out of this experience with a narcissist a damaged generation. What will our collective character become? Numbness to cruelty, unequal opportunity, persecution, torture, scapegoating hate? Will we be able to embrace the warmth of humanity? No alternative motives … just respect and the knowledge that love and care are more productive than a doggie-eat-doggie world.

    The political parties are in disarray … to be sure, self-inflicted. The Republican Party had the luxury of opposing without having to deal with their own solutions for the future. Right now, they’re having a taste of “not so easy” this ruling factor. States’ rights have brought reality to the condition in which platitudes accusing of unfair “guaranteed” equal redistribution are obfuscations that are lies that perpetuate misinformation. Somebody will have to cry “havoc” and, with courage, seize the opportunity of leadership to stop “Wrong-Way Corrigan.” To be sure, history will judge on missed opportunities. The ball is on the Republican court. And the clock is ticking.

    1. In case popular culture facilitates by example, here is an excellent reference. To the list, I would also add “Inherit The Wind” … and “The Music Man.”

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