They Drive By Night

With apologies to the old union vs management movie about teamsters,this is about those who are doing their best work under cover of darkness.Yes folks.It’s the GOP again talking good middle class jobs,keeping America safe and making America great again while legislatively shredding consumer protection.Quoting David Lazarus of the Los Angeles Times:”About half a dozen bills take aim at various aspects of the Dodd-Frank financial reform law and the Consumer Financial reform law and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau it created.Republicans are serving notice that their priority is making businesses happy at the expense of consumers who,if the bills become law,once again will be largely on their own in dealing with questionable or unfair corporate practices.”
The opportunity to tilt the playing field,possibly for all time,made possible by Democratic party ineptitude,Hillary Clinton’s tone deafness,WikiLeaks,Putin’s cyber army and the pugilistic style of TV pitchman Trump is apparently so precious to the party domestically that foreign policy is allowed to be misdirected hugely.
With the increasing desperation of the White House we have to look most closely at the POTUS budget proposals 54.3 billion additIonally for military use primarily that the Executive Producer of “Celebrity Apprentice” may be contemplating distraction in the South China sea and confrontation with China.This most likely by confrontation with N.Korea which has China as a protector.There is little adaptability in the Trumpeter’s profile so party loyalty(greed fed)will ensure disaster.



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