Once Upon A Time The Chalice From The Palace Held The Brew That Is True.

Flynn registers as a foreign agent( working for Turkey for $530,000(per year?)and since when?Wikileaks releases key CIA tracking codes and tools,Comey gives confidential reports to congressional investigative committees which likely contradict Trumps claim of Obama targeting,lying Ryan pushes a non starter ACA replacement saying that it’s the only possibility and pushing for passage before scoring by the congressional budget committee,China approves 38 more Trump patents,Trump ban on legal and illegal immigration is objected to by three states.Want more? Just stay tuned ;even Fox news is taken aback.Sessions is now calling for investigation of the Justice Department under Obama.
There was a time when the office of the President could be relied upon for ” mostly” truth and limited personal exploitation of the office.( including sexual predation)but this Trump White House is beyond the pale( supply your own associations to walls ,antisemitism and Russia).Danny Kaye,we need you to make us laugh through our tears.40 days in the wilderness has been exceeded;we are now a second tier world power except for our military with its nuclear arsenal controlled by the leader of The Red Headed league”.



  1. daedal2207: “40 days in the wilderness has been exceeded.”

    Yes. So shell-shocked that the wilderness, which can be invigorating and benign, has been opted as madness into a cruel nightmare. I still ask … are we at the beginning, or middle, or end of our biblical 40-year wandering in the desert? The allegorical tales of the bible provide us with reference into human nature and behavior. In losing sight of what has been achieved, or abusing/taking for granted the rewards and natural resources, will have consequences. Nature punishes lack of empathy and respect. This is not religion … it’s math, the rule of order … checks-and-balances.

    daedal2207: “Flynn registers as a foreign agent( working for Turkey for $530,000(per year?)and since when? …”

    Where is our code of ethics? Where is the edge of the Pale? The article below reminds us that the breakdown of trust will take, at least, a generation to repair. How foolishly we waste time!

    daedal2207: “Danny Kaye, we need you to make us laugh through our tears.”

    A worthy humanitarian example. Others have followed in his footsteps: Samantha Bee, Trevor Noah, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert. They make us laugh as they remind us, in crystal clear fashion, of the unbearable and shameful.

    This venue allows us to make a record of our disgust and disapproval of what is being done in our name. Thank you, progressive Octogenarians.

    1. SB tells us that she embraces Progressivism and those Octogenarians who share its values. Eighty years of experience has likely exposed us to a great many “isms”. What have we learned? Over 60 years ago psychoanalyst and social philosopher Eric Fromm summed it up. (I paraphrase) “People want to believe that they are a significant part of a meaningful whole”. So, how many ways can we discover, OR INVENT the means by which this desire could be satisfied? Is there enough time left in our old lives to count all the possible beliefs, the possible “isms”?
      I have personally tried to avoid the pitfalls linked to identifications with “categories” that others have created. Others have declared that my thinking fits within the framework of “conservatism”, but it was never a goal of mine to be a conservative. And, in many ways I view this experience of life differently from those who categorize themselves as such. One question has motivated my 80 years more so than any other. What is true? And from that: How do we make best sense of all that is believed to be true? This means that all the possibilities need to be considered and rationally judged at the same time that new evidence is constantly revealed. In essence, this describes the process of science, so I guess that I could be considered a scientist. And then, how do we best apply the scientifically acquired (probable) truths? The answer to this question varies with how we choose to define “best”. When presenting arguments for this blog I consider “best” to be that which evidence indicates will ACTUALLY improve the human future. This requires the structuring of society and events such that efforts measurably work to that purpose. So, you can rationally put me in the category of “engineer”.
      For an engineer “What works best?” and “Can you help me by contributing ideas supported by good evidence?” is prioritized over “I am especially good (moral) therefore those who disagree are bad (evil)” and “Your ideas are offensive therefore get out of my life.”
      Danny Kaye was a great comedian. He played with great verbal and stage skills within what all understood to be silly situations.
      SB considers Colbert and Stewart to be significant comedians. I agree that they both have marvelous style and if one can ignore a significant range of intellectual possibilities and embrace strawman premises, they can present a comedic mocking act that in a receptive audience humorously reinforces feelings of superiority and smartness. By regularly watching such “comedians”, these ever-so-satisfying-feelings can be pleasantly magnified – sometimes addictively so.

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