14 Days And We Are Closer To War

The Trumpeter has become Pugnacious POTUS intoning the possibility of imposing America’s military might in the South China Seas and intensifying once again the war in the Middle East.All this while disavowing NATO and stating that we cannot condemn Putin as a killer since our own moral posture is a sham.Netanyahu is demanding that Theresa May follow Trump in imposing more sanctions on Iran despite the precariousness of the UK’s post Brexit economic status but hasn’t responded yet to the wobbly reversal on endorsement of more building on historical Palestinian land or the backing away from moving our embassy to Jerusalem.Maybe someone has gotten into his head that the two state solution is what’s at stake.
Either the Trumpeter doesn’t understand the meaning of AMD,the economic and political power of China,that Putin is Iran’s ally or Putin has him mesmerized.The devil’s gold of the Trump rally is beginning to turn into dung, just as in the folk tales, as the economic consequences of his policies become clearer.


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