POTUS vs California

As A resident of the state that the trolling Trumpeter has threatened with loss of Federal funds for UC Berkeley’s violent protest,loss of funds for 3 cities because of their sanctuary status,invasion by Marshals and or troops to pursue illegal aliens,I wonder how far he will go with the rant.Talk of secession is up to 32 per cent in the state.16 states have gone to the courts in defense of state’s rights.Only Millenials seem equally split pro and conTrump while admittedly being afraid of “painting a target”on their backs.POTUS is no uniter.He is an inveterate rabble rouser and divider.



  1. Daedal2207 tells us that “POTUS is no uniter. He is an inveterate rabble rouser and divider.”
    Let’s ask some questions as to what it means “to unite”: There is a tendency to see the world as follows: Everyone should agree with and unite around whatever I and my group hold dear. If someone advocates for something different he must be a “divider” – and if outspokenly effective, a rabble rouser.
    Can we agree that not all things are worthy of united support? I think that we need to understand the nature of what it is that is most worthy. Our founders created a system of government that acknowledged the existence of diverse (often passionately held) – even contradictory opinions. What they did was to reify one superior idea (a government of divided powers elected by and responsible to its citizens). If all were united in holding dominant this one idea it would allow for all of our various forms of diversity a relatively peaceful co-existence and buy time for eventual corrections. It is those who are thrusting aside the fundamental rules and agreements as to how and who becomes President who are dissing that most important idea around which we should unify.
    Related (and revealing): When was the last time a right wing demonstration became a property destroying, rioting mob?

    1. A rhetorical question no doubt.A better question may be what are the neonazis,white supremacists,white power,aryans,America Firsters etc. waiting for?What signal turns off policing ? Manson’s Helter Skelter madness doesn’t seem so distant now.Just you wait ‘enry ‘iggins,just you wait!

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