3X10to the power 6 Cracks Deserve A Follow Up!(Where Is Hillary?)

Hillary Clinton kept her promise to Trump and to America by attending the Trumpeter’s inauguration.She is also to introduce a political career summary at a Wellesley conference.She is said to have been emotionally savaged by the dishonesty and tactics used by LaSange,the NSF( successor to the KGB),the Trump campaign,and James Comey of the FBI.It is also said that the Democratic party doesn’t want her front and foremost any longer.But as a matter of individual conscience and integrity,Hillary is needed(sans Bubba) to give voice to the meaning of three million cracks in the glass ceiling and to her disavowal of the prioritization of the monied and intellectual elite.She cannot afford to have her image permanently sullied and her influence and thus her considerable accomplishment,denied.


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