A Lesson From The Military

The retrospectoscope once started doesn’t stay still.The Trump probing of the limits of executive power and the meaning of constitutionality brought back a classified USAF incident from over five decades ago.It is probably declassified by now but I don’t know that and so oddly I am still constrained;suffice it to say that foreign aircraft were repeatedly testing the DEW lines (early warning system)of a PACAF installation.I learned that they were recording the scramble time necessary to get our F 100 Voodoo fighters in the air.It was understood that any significant fall off might result in the next sortie being for real.(This story may have been alluded to before in a different context)Probing the limits of an entity’s defenses is prefatory to war,which of course is prefatory to subordination and takeover.The Trumpeter may claim to have read” The Art of War ” whether or not he did,this is standard corporate practice for a so-called hostile takeover.What is POTUS probing for and why? Many of the weaknesses exposed are beneficial to hostile or competing governments.It appears that in the ruthless grab for power,fundamental precepts of American Democracy are being trampled.
The progression of extended executive power,weakened or unused state rights,domestic unrest,foreign war distraction,suspension of term limits may be beginning.HAIL CAESAR or is HEIL HITLER more to the point?
Hey Kelly Anne let’s get some alternative facts in here!!(sotto voce)quick Henry,the FLIT!!!



  1. Response to SB comments Feb 7, 1;55 AM:
    Daedal2207 stated that Trump had already issued more executive orders than had Obama in his entire last year. This is apparently hyperbole. But I agree with him that the use of executive orders is symptomatic of important issues. Also, we should all agree that the varying contexts and varying power of specific orders is of greater import. For instance, an executive order that speeds the progress of a congress-accepted law is quite different from an order designed to bypass congressional approval.
    A significant deleterious effect of executive orders related to predicted risks of “climate change” has to do with their forcefully diverting resources away from activities that measurably would save lives today. Professor Bjorn Lomborg of Denmark, author of “The Skeptical Environmentalist” and “Measuring the Real State of the World” – (and a believer in climate change) has for years provided ample evidence of such probable life-destroying waste.
    I would hope that we can distinguish between an attitude that exudes a personal or group-oriented moral certitude (“righteousness”) and attitudes based not on certitude but on probabilities. The attitude of probability requests constant testing of the beliefs of self and others. Righteousness tends to show itself with claims of personal goodness and accusations of evil regarding those with other opinions. Probability is demonstrated by a prime interest in being open to what is most likely to work best – and training oneself in the disciplines of scientific enquiry. Perhaps SB is sensitive to the fact that I am fairly secure in recommending the scientific method as our best means by which to navigate this thing called life. But unlike those who are “righteous” I welcome (even enjoy) any rational argument to the contrary. If not rational, it needs to be understood that any argument can go anywhere and portends probable conflict with other such based opinions plus those that are rational.
    Do I have contempt for the arts? I made much of my living as an artist. I love refined style when it is happily married to worthy content. I have learned that style can obscure meaningful content. Poison can be presented as if it were sugar. When used in this manner it is deserving of contempt.
    SB is assuming that she “knows” that Trump is “missing” in “honor, code of ethics, rule of law and respect for treaties”. This leap to “certitude” may be obscuring the inquisitiveness that would better help us understand the realities. If viewed through the eyes of various cultures around the globe we could vividly understand that each of these marvelously important traits is subject to varied interpretation – (What is the good? To whom or what is honor to be given? Is this a law to be obeyed? Has this “treaty” been poorly structured, diluted, or worse, turned against the good?). Less obvious to many, here in the United States and blended among many competing agendas, there are at least two sizable and diverging cultures. One can be identified as a growing leftism and the other is original intent. So far at least, these two conflicting agendas have possessed a shared belief that the constitutional rules governing the succession of power applies to all. Rioters and those who are so certain of their own superior goodness that they are justified in dishonest argument weaken this most important form of unity. (For example, Ted Kennedy’s tirade against Bork and Harry Reid’s admitted lie about Romney taxes.)
    Hopefully everything is being probed – and the most probable answers embraced – while constantly adjusting to best tested new evidence.

    1. The increasing pace of entropic societal change appears to be best evidence .The blame game that plays in its wake cannot affect it.The Republican assertion is that their measures e.g.deregulation,environmental exploitation,economic and military going it alone etc.can exempt America from it.It is the excuse for failure that will bring utmost acceleration of decline and either distracting external wars or/and variations of Manson’s Helter Skelter prediction.

      1. A reply to comments by Daedal2207 Feb 8, 1:36AM:
        It is sad to see among so many options such a degree of certitude about only a few. Why we are inclined to do this sort of thing is part of the marvelous mystery before us. But as math helps an engineer understand structure logic gives those wanting to know the truth of things a basis for accurate judgments.
        Consider the following “probe” into an important issue about which left and right tend to disagree:
        We can choose to war against those who would enslave us. We can choose not to war and thus allow our enslavement. How would we know which of the two options best exemplify the entropy that is assigned such importance by Daedal2207?
        The entropy of physics is apparently with us no matter what we do – so what does it have to do with social judgments? Our human decisions have to do with the species surviving as best we can for as long as we can. Achievement comparisons indicate that western values are far superior for this purpose than are those imposed by Islam’s sharia, or any other existing set of governing principles.
        If those enamored with the values of Islamic sharia choose to war against us (Segments of Islam have already declared war) the two above options are the reality. Come to think about it – loss of judgment – an inability to acknowledge reality – “why part of a thermodynamic system’s total energy is unavailable to do useful work” correlates positively with entropy! But doesn’t this turn the entropic spotlight away from Trump and onto the Democrats who unlike Trump and the Republicans refuse to acknowledge the unpleasant reality that logic just described?

    2. At a quick glance, it appears that there is a request of a list of “proofs” for the low appraisal of the huckster-in-chief. None are so blind as those who do not wish to see. Meanwhile, the defense continues to be subjective without actual facts. Suffice to say that history is strewn with short-sighted, greedy, repressive solutions on which progressives have had to use their energies to mop up.

      To use a sports metaphor, DS has used a highly loquacious lob … which daedal2207 put away with a brief smash. Apologizing to readers/participants, I’m off this particular loop.

  2. This household is equally familiar with DEW lines.

    Sun Tzu: “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

    Insecurity must manifest itself in many ways. It appears that, in the case of the bully-in-chief, deliberation and introspection are so terrifying (he’s been alleged to have said that he does not look inward for he might not like what he sees) that he’s content to “burp” out a hateful/fearful statement meant to divert total lack of knowledge. Then, when caught with or challenged by the consequences, the liar-in-chief feels free to deny having stated whatever five minutes earlier. The outside (as in foreign) probing must surely be on the degree of mental stability and/or capacity … and, where our vulnerabilities lie. Government by chaos is not efficient … most definitely a military lesson. And surely, if we deny entry, under the guise of national security, to a child from the “wrong” country who is in need of critical medical assistance, we must be weak … somewhere. Or, maybe we’re too exceptional to be human.

    My faith remains in the younger generations … rebellious by nature … to straighten out the ship with their strength. Survival is the vision … extending the hand to those who reach out.

    1. We have little choice but to hope for generational change even though our insights may be unacceptable.My fear is that alternative facts and fear of targeting may render the young impotent.Why indeed,superficial rebelliousness notwithstanding,should they be less desirous of being deftly led than their elders? Where is the ethical patriot Admiral of “the Last Ship”? Hint… It ain’t Trump,Pence,Hatch or Ryan.

  3. We have just experienced eight years of a President’s “probing of executive power and the meaning of constitutionality.” Why would any future or past President proceed in a different fashion? Isn’t the most fundamental issue that of judgment supporting the use of power (whatever blend of interests it represents) to good (hopefully best) results? If “probes” reveal weakness isn’t this a good thing given that we then know what needs fixing? (Hopefully we probe ideas constantly.) If “fundamental precepts of American Democracy are being trampled” by a President we can strengthen those powers in government (legislative and judicial) to resist. But perhaps the greater threats to fundamental precepts of American Democracy come from sources of power other than the Presidency. For instance, a judiciary at ease not in judging adherence to the laws of the legislature, but now intent on reinterpreting laws to suit their personal bias is usurping the powers originally allotted to the people’s representatives both in Congress and the office of the President.
    Agendas are many and are constantly competing. Our job is to understand how best to control that dynamic such that our HEALTHY interests are best served. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness presented our founder’s way to describe the U.S. ideal goal of governance. A government that recognized an equality of individual rights under the law gave us (no matter our many forms of diversity) a unity thereby maximizing for our citizenry opportunities for actually achieving the ideal.
    It is not likely that a government dedicated to protecting individual rights (for example – from the tyranny of group rights) is going to allow fascism to replace the free market and democratic liberties.

    1. There seems to be no memory of a declaration of a one term President by no less a personage than the knight of the pencil neck and head of the eraser,McConnell,forever fearful of a Tennessean named Ashley Judd.We have also seen more ” orders ” in two weeks than a year of Obama.

      1. The memory of McConnell stating that he would try to limit Obama to one term is very clear. I have stated several times that given the two Party’s conflicting and contradictory visions for America’s future it would be irrational for each side not to make an effort to obstruct the other. For leftists to prevail they will have to stop the Republicans. And of course, for original intent to prevail the Republicans will have to stop leftism. I remember clearly the successful fear-mongering diatribe leveled against Justice Bork by Ted Kennedy. It has taken awhile, but the Republicans have apparently found in Trump someone who is willing to be just as nasty in his criticisms of the left. It remains to be seen if this style is as successful against the leftist Democrats as it was against the recently competing Republicans.
        Ashley Judd of recent Woman’s March fame demonstrates for us the power of righteousness exemplified. Actors thrive in dramatic, emotional roles. Passions (heightened by non-concern about accuracy of content) become their own reason for being. For those craving it, a recitation of Donavan’s venting poem “A nasty woman” injected an emotional “high”. I think for her (home in Tennessee) to be a competitor for Kentucky Senator McConnell’s place in the Senate she would have to clarify content. Doing so would likely jeopardize the feelings she apparently loves to love.
        As of Nov 10, 2016 Obama had signed 235 executive orders dealing with every issue from climate change to national security. Trump while running for office promised to overturn a great many of those orders. Those who elected him expect him to carry out those promises. He is refreshingly and energetically proving that he was truthful about his stated intentions.

        1. DS: “As of Nov 10, 2016 Obama had signed 235 executive orders dealing with every issue from climate change to national security. ”

          Skewed obfuscation continues to be the pattern of rebuttal. The actual figures updating DS statement:

          “Obama issued 277 executive orders during his eight years in office, or 35 per year. That’s slightly fewer than the 36 per year that George W. Bush issued and the lowest average since Grover Cleveland, who issued 32 per year during his eight nonconsecutive years in office, according to data from the American Presidency Project at the University of California at Santa Barbara. Overall, Obama ranks 16th among presidents in total number of executive orders issued and 21st in the average number issued per year.”


          And? Or, so what? What were the deleterious consequences to “climate change to national security?” Please, sir, not an opinion … just the facts.

          DS: “Ashley Judd of recent Woman’s March fame demonstrates for us the power of righteousness exemplified.”

          Heavens! Very subjective for the advocate of empirical evidence/facts … whatever? Surely you don’t know express in “righteousness exemplified!”

          DS: “Actors thrive in dramatic, emotional roles. Passions (heightened by non-concern about accuracy of content*) become their own reason for being.”

          *Your own personal, judgmental, “righteous” opinion. Tsk, tsk.

          You have contempt for the arts? Musicians? Painters? Sculptors? Composers? Etc., etc. Or, is it just women? You’re free to hand out criticisms for what you interpret as blanket generalities. Careful … we’re all aware that the tables can be turned.

          But, somehow you have managed to get us off the subject … the military lesson … structure, discipline, competence, knowledge (may we assume honor, code of ethics, with the rule of law and respect for treaties?) … all missing in your chosen leader.

          DS: “I have stated several times that given the two Party’s conflicting and contradictory visions for America’s future it would be irrational for each side not to make an effort to obstruct the other.”

          Not a very patriotic advocacy. How about being rational by working together? We could start with the common ground being our country … a positive vision. But, that could be taking confrontation out of the fun … depriving the con man the chaos in which he thrives. What is he probing? His or our souls?

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